Thursday, November 5, 2020


Turn up your speakers and listen. If you've stupidly forgotten your shield go back, find it, return to the line and get back in the fight. That done, listen up, warrior.

Faure's beautiful music echoing, are we about to call requiem on what remains of  the Christian West? No, we are not. We will fight the Bolshevik beast right down to its hydra-headed root. And then?

Destroy it utterly.

Your Pal,



Adrienne said...

This is a sting and people are going to jail. The goal? A National Voter ID card so this never happens again.

Trumps in charge. Beautiful music, LSP

drjim said...

I'm finally getting settled back down.

How can States be receiving 25% more ballots that they have registered voters? In one state it was 29% over the list. This level of blatant, obvious fraud cannot be allowed to continue. The perpetrators need to be arrested, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for life.

We need a National voter ID, NO mail in or early ballots unless under severe scrutiny, voting must be done in person, with valid ID. Give employers a tax credit allowing their employees to get Election Day off with pay. Make it a day off school where the children can observe.

And make it SECURE. I *legal* person, citizens ONLY, allowed to vote.

Paul M said...

Have never worn a face covering, Won’t. But right now I’d make one exception: Re-run the election in December 3rd. In person only.


To register to vote you must prove citizenship.

To vote you must do so in person or by secured absentee ballot. If you vote in person you must dip your finger in indelible ink.

NO ballot harvesting. NO "helpful" people going to nursing homes to "assist" the elderly in voting.

Ballot facilities that deny observers from either party have the entire lot of ballots at that facility immediately invalidated, and so marked.

LL said...

Vote early and often has been the Democrat mantra all of my life. In some states it's commonly held that the dead resurrect to vote democrat. This election should surprise anyone.

Theodore said...

LSP - Hope you saw Cardinal Vigano's follow-up letter.

Undergroundpewster said...

I have sung the Requiem and the Cantique several times, and it is one of my favorites. I hope your readers take the time to listen to them.

LSP said...

Glad you liked the Faure, Adrienne, I needed something soothing.

A sting? I hope you're right. Whatever the case, this kind of thieving corruption needs to be rooted out. And it's apparently baked into the Dem machine.

I've always wondered why it was allowed to continue, perhaps because it wasn't so egregious as to threaten the entire process? This time it's on such a scale that it can't be ignored and winked at, except by the misledia.

LSP said...

Same here, drjim. But good luck with vote reform, one party's certainly not down with that and the GOP establishment don't seem too keen either. You'd be forgiven for wondering if they were somehow complicit.

LSP said...

I would too, Camperfixer. That aside, good thing 45's a fighter unlike, say, the GOP Senate.

LSP said...

I'd love to see that, N.

At the same time, I'd say Hell has more chance of freezing over.

LSP said...

I know, LL, and it's not as though they even bothered to keep it a secret. Who knows, maybe the courts will have something to say. Just like they did about the FISA coup. Oh, dam, they ignored it.

Seems to me like the fix was in last summer or thereabouts.

Whatever, fight on.

LSP said...

Good stuff, T.

Could you please make him Pope?


LSP said...

Beautiful, Pewster.