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Monday, December 9, 2019

IG Report

I don't watch TV, much less the abhorrent, faux conservative Fox but Tucker sure knocks it out of the ball park. 

There's many takeaways from this awesome video, but I enjoy "like endlessly barking dogs" and "in 2019 being a progressive means taking the side of bureaucrats with guns."

Right. Because it's so leftist progressive to back the FBI to the hilt of your tofu smoothie. Leaving aside the remarkable hypocrisy and lies of the Left, it looks like the gloss is coming off our Deep State, Illuminati machinery. Let's see what Durham and Barr have to offer. 

Indictments, please,


Friday, February 22, 2019

Conrad Black Blasts Coup Conspirators

Conrad Black blasts the deep state, the DNC and the coup conspirators, their media satraps and far more besides. He calls it the Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since the Civil WarVia Real Clear Politics:

The most immense and dangerous public scandal in American history is finally cracking open like a ripe pomegranate. The broad swath of the Trump-hating media that has participated in what has amounted to an unconstitutional attempt to overthrow the government are reduced to reporting the events and revelations of the scandal in which they have been complicit, in a po-faced ho-hum manner to impart to the misinformed public that this is as routine as stock market fluctuations or the burning of an American flag in Tehran.

For more than two years, the United States and the world have had two competing narratives: that an elected president of the United States was a Russian agent whom the Kremlin helped elect; and its rival narrative that senior officials of the Justice Department, FBI, CIA, and other national intelligence organizations had repeatedly lied under oath, misinformed federal officials, and meddled in partisan political matters illegally and unconstitutionally and had effectively tried to influence the outcome of a presidential election, and then undo its result by falsely propagating the first narrative. It is now obvious and indisputable that the second narrative is the correct one.

Read the whole thing here.

Lock 'em up,


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Whitey Bulger Dead - Mueller Time!

Notorious mobster, Whitey Bulger, is dead, killed by an inmate as he was being transferred to a West Virginia prison. 

Things went badly for Bulger, 89, when a prisoner with Mafia ties hit him over the head with a lock in a sock and gouged his eyes out. Bulger had nothing whatsoever to do with Special Prosecutor Mueller.

However, Mueller, who had no connections to Whitey Bulger at all, has been accused of raping a woman at the St. Regis hotel, New York City, in 2010.

Mueller, who heads up the special investigation into the Trump campaign's infamous collusion with the Kremlin, never knew or heard of "Whitey" Bulger and denies raping a woman at the St. Regis.

The Special Prosecutor has referred the rape case to the FBI, which is famed for its honesty, lack of corruption and non-partisan objectivity. 

Mueller says accusations of rape are fraudulent and the result of GOP pay-offs, as claimed by one of his former paralegals. He also never knew, heard of or communicated with Whitey Bulger.

Your Pal,


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Coup Unravels, Sympathy For The Devil? Don't Say Hillary

So what's going on in the world of the slow motion coup against the duly elected President of the United States?

We've seen that the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign in the form of Stefan Halper and possibly others. And we know the DNC/Clinton campaign paid a former British MI6 spy to compile a salacious and unverified dossier on Trump, which was picked up by the FBI and then used to secure FISA warrants against the Trump campaign.

This was signed off on by then CIA Director and alleged Muslim, John Brennan, in the form of an Intelligence Community Assessment, which was used to fuel a special investigation into Trump's supposed collusion with the Kremlin.


Collusion, let all two of you readers understand, for which there is not a shred of evidence, after nearly two years of investigation and some $20 million spent. 

Perhaps you remember Trump's assertion that he was being wiretapped during his campaign and how this was written off as laughable by the lying, corrupt, venal, elite, mendacious, aggressive mainstream media. Ridiculous, right? No, not so ridiculous.


For that matter, you may recall that the Russian Collusion story began in the wake of Hillary's emails being made public by Wikileaks, and that the DNC wouldn't let the FBI examine the servers in question.

No wonder, a forensic investigation of the servers might have revealed that their unbreakable password was "password" and that  someone downloaded the information on a memory stick. Who knows, maybe that person was Seth Rich.

Seth Rich

Regardless, what we've known all along is now transparent, the intelligence services were weaponized by the Dems against their political opponents.

Unfortunately for the Operation Crossfire Hurricane coup conspirators this is illegal and with every passing day their malfeasance is being brought into the light. Heads, we hope, will roll.


So has the hunter become the hunted, as hubris catches up with arrogance in unholy matrimony? Perhaps, and while we're at it, all four of you, how does this augur for our Constitutional Republic? 

Crossfire Hurricane? I'd argue Sympathy for the Devil. Don't say Hillary.

Your Old Pal,


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Year Of The Dog

Sources within the intelligence community inform us that it's now the Year of the Dog and Blue Pie Eater agrees. For him, every year is Year of the Dog.

I tell him, "No, it's the Year of the Russian Bot," and he signals disagreement, wagging his preposterously spotted tail as if to say, "Don't be ridiculous, 13 kremlins posting disparaging comments about Hillary on the internet means nothing. I need food, it's the Year of the Dog."

Bowing to Blue Agitprop's logic, I give him a Pedigree Triple Action protein stick; it's gratefully received and wolfed down with K-9 gusto. 

Speaking of dogs, why didn't Hillary and the DNC turn over their infamously hacked mail server to the FBI? You know, the one that was supposedly violated by evil Russian hackerz.

Surely the DNC didn't have anything to hide, which is why they won't be worried about Buzzfeed suing them for pertinent Russiagate information. 


Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Day Of Clouds And Thick Darkness

That pretty much described the route to the first Mass of Ash Wednesday, as smoke filled the air and trucks came to a stop to make way for various first responders; I was afraid I'd be late for Mass.

Not to worry, before too long the road was clear enough and we rolled slowly through the smoke, hazards on.

Just in time for Mass but speaking of smoke, do you you remember the FISA Memo and the attempted coup against the President? For that matter, did you see Susan Rice's curious memo to self? Some say it paints Barack Obama in an unfavorable light. 

God bless,


Friday, February 2, 2018


The Nunes memo's out. Key points, via Zerohedge and the Washington Examiner:

The Steele dossier formed an essential part of the initial and all three renewal FISA applications against Carter Page.
Andrew McCabe confirmed that no FISA warrant would have been sought from the FISA Court without the Steele dossier information.
The political origins of the Steele dossier were known to senior DOJ and FBI officials, but excluded from the FISA applications.
DOJ official Bruce Ohr met with Steele beginning in the summer of 2016 and relayed to DOJ information about Steele's bias. Steele told Ohr that he, Steele, was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected president and was passionate about him not becoming president.
As a reminder, the FBI and Justice Department mounted a months-long effort to keep the information outlined in the memo out of the House Intelligence Committee's hands. Only the threat of contempt charges and other forms of pressure forced the FBI and Justice to give up the material.

What does it mean? That, at the very least, illegal, lying warrants were obtained by FBI and DOJ officials to spy on and potentially overthrow the Trump campaign and presidency. All in collusion with the DNC.

Or to put it another way, pop goes the weasel.

You can read the memo here.


Friday, January 26, 2018

Lock Them Up

Maybe Saudi Arabia is a pilot scheme? Is the Magic Kingdom showing us the way by locking up its corrupt elites? Yes, please.

#ReleaseTheMemo #WeAreRussianBots

Kick out the JAMS,


FIB Secret Society Unmasked

Anonymous sources have leaked shocking photos of a top level FIB and DOJ secret society, which allegedly conspired to bring down the Trump presidency on fake charges of Russian collusion.

Love at FIB Site

Two of the conspirators exchanged tens of thousands of texts detailing their visceral dislike of the incoming President. Some five months worth of these texts went mysteriously missing because "Samsung the Dog ate them."

Samsung the Dog

Then the texts magically reappeared after Samsung the Dog was fed with "forensic tools" and coughed them up.

A White Wolf

With this new photographic evidence, it appears that the secret society at what one intelligence community mandarin calls "Sodom-on-the-Potomac" won't be secret for very much longer.

Russian Bots Attack Secret Society

#ReleaseTheMemo #WeAreRussianBots

Your Pal,


Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Imagine the scenario. Your party's in power and it wants to stay in power; more to the point you want power, it's like your birthright, your entitlement, but there's a problem, a rival. So what do you do?

You go Full FISA and use your captive intelligence agencies to obtain a phony warrant to spy on your opponent, based on evidence you paid for and then, when he beats you, launch a phony investigation into the phony crimes your phony evidence justified. 

All in the hope of destroying your rival's presidency and returning you to power. What are we dealing with here, a banana republic or America, or have the two become one?

Whatever the case, the House Intelligence Committee believes it possesses damning evidence of the above and you can read the document its 4 page memo is based on here, thanks AJ. In the meanwhile, why have 50,000 texts between Peter Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page, gone missing?

Did the dog eat them, or would that be Hillary's friends in the FBI. For that matter, what's the "secret society" envisioned by Strozk and his paramour. 

Surely not a secret society of Hillary favoring spooks, dedicated to the overthrow of democracy via a phony "Russians hacked the election" narrative.

But lest ironic hubris catch the reader unaware, it's Russia's fault. Russian bots, to be precise.

Tick, Tock, release the memo.



Tuesday, December 5, 2017

You Gang Of Frauds

The best bit about ex-FBI Director DS (Deep State) Mueller's Russian collusion investigation is that it's an impartial exercise in blind, unbiased justice. Except that it isn't, as one after another DS, FBI domino totters and falls.

First it was DS Peter Strozk, who couldn't help himself from sending anti-Trump messages to his mistress, and now DS Andrew Weissman's been caught emailing Obama loyalist, former Acting Attorney general Sally Starks for refusing to obey the President. 

DS Weissman

"I am so proud. And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects," gushed the DS operative in an email to disobedient Sally, when she refused to enforce the Presidential ban on people travelling to America from Jihadland. 

Thanks to an FOIA request from Judicial Watch, we now know that DS Weissman donated $6000 to the Democrat cause between 2006 and 2008. It's just a guess, but maybe DS Weissman wasn't too happy when Hillary lost the election. 

DS Strozk, Second Left

That's not all, some members of Mueller's, ahem, bipartisan, impartial League of Justice have an interesting track record of political donations. Who to? Hint, it's not the GOP. Via ZeroHedge:

Jeannie Rhee: donated $5,400 to Hillary Clinton in 2015 and 2016, according to FEC records. The records show she gave $2,500 each to Obama for America and Obama Victory Fund 2012 in 2011.
Andrew Goldstein: According to Fox News, “Goldstein contributed a combined $3,300 to Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012.
Greg Andres: FEC records show that Andres has donated at least $2,700 to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).
James Quarles: Donated thousands of dollars to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He has also donated money recently to other Democrats, including Friends of Chuck Schumer and two other Democrats. He has a lengthy donation history dating back years. He did donate to two Republicans over the years, however.
Elizabeth Prelogar: A former law clerk to Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagen, gave $250 to Hillary Clinton in 2016, according to FEC records. She also gave $500 total to Obama for America and the Obama Victory Fund 2012.
Brandon Van Grack: gave small amounts to ActBlue, an effort to raise money for Democrats, and to a Democratic candidate for Congress in 2012. In 2008, he gave about $286 to Barack Obama.
Rush Atkinson: donated $200 to Clinton’s campaign in 2016.
Kyle Freeny: In 2012, Freeny gave $300 to Obama. In 2008, Freeny also gave $250 to Obama, FEC records show.

How many more? I guess we'll find out as the NWO, Globalist, Deep State attempt to avenge the thwarting of Hillary Clinton's unbridled lust for power unravels. 

The Deranged Crone

In the meanwhile, and this is a serious question, how deep does the rot at the dark heart of the FBI go? Here at the Compound our guess is this. Pretty Deep State indeed.

New Constantine Putin

Maybe it's time for DS Mueller to be fired.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

You're Fired

"You are hereby terminated and removed from office, effective immediately. While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgement of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau."

Savor the moment.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hillary Clinton was routed by Trump in an epic landslide victory last night, losing to the popular real-estate mogul by over 50 votes in the electoral college.

There were moments of knife-edge uncertainty as the rival candidates appeared to go neck and neck, the one representing the nation's corrupt insider pay-to-play elitocracy and the other fighting the establishment in defense of the people. 

A Typical Golden Tower

Who would win? Here at the Compound we weren't sure and odds were on the Inside-the-Beltway favorite and media darling, Killary. Sure enough, the side bets were going fast and furious on both sides of the Atlantic with the race seeming too close to call.


Then BOOM. State after state went red and the Democrats were wiped off the map; sorry, pollsters and associated NWO stooges, you got a smackdown.

Knees Buckle Loses Shoe

What will Hillary do now, as she stares down the continuing barrel of an FBI investigation into her malfeasant antics. Go into hiding? In Qatar? And what about the chipper little "Mook"? Perhaps he can find a job running a "bar" in San Francisco. 

Where's all the emails, Huma?

Then there's Podesta, the Crowleyite. Go on, set up a magicke shoppe in Chelsea, with your Priestess, Marina and the exotic Djinn, Huma. See where that gets you.


As one noted member of the Intelligence Community put it, "The Demon abandoned its host like a Remora dropping off a Shark."

Too bad, millionaire socialist cabalists, there's a new Boss in town, and he's got a Golden Tower.

The Monkey King

This was all foretold by the Monkey King.

Libs, take note.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine

It sure is. At the eleventh hour, right before Campaign Hillary was gearing up for a final push to victory, the White House and power, out pops the infamous Weiner. And everything inside the proverbial goldmine of the presidential race gets weird and unhinged.

It seems that the disgraced Congressman wasn't content to send lewd photos of himself to underage girls, he also had thousands of incriminating Clinton emails on his laptop. And these were, lo and behold, discovered by the FBI. All thanks to his long-suffering Djinn wife, Huma Abedin, Hillary's notorious "right hand," who used the Weiner laptop.

Bad news for the Djinn, bad news for Hillary, bad news for Weiner, maybe he's on "suicide watch." Who knows.

What we do know, of course, is that FBI Director James Comey decided to break this news, despite AG Loretta Lynch's recommendation, to Congress at a critical point in the Clinton Campaign's bid for power. Why? Because he was genuinely afraid that the scandal would leak and he'd look like even more of a corrupted crony than he already does? Because some one or thing paid him a bigger fee than he'd already received from Team Clinton?

Or perhaps because the Deep State finally decided that leaking, scandal-ridden, incompetent, psychotic Hillary was a liability and had to be taken down. Sorry, Jim, this is just the way it is. Make the call. We need to bring the Dybbuk down.

What can we say, weird scenes inside the goldmine indeed.