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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Musical Interlude

Masked men shivered.... open up your dam express car... We will burn your train to cinders.

Take note, "Brennan," if that's your real name, which we doubt. In the meanwhile, check this out for some Wild West.

God bless,


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Whitey Bulger Dead - Mueller Time!

Notorious mobster, Whitey Bulger, is dead, killed by an inmate as he was being transferred to a West Virginia prison. 

Things went badly for Bulger, 89, when a prisoner with Mafia ties hit him over the head with a lock in a sock and gouged his eyes out. Bulger had nothing whatsoever to do with Special Prosecutor Mueller.

However, Mueller, who had no connections to Whitey Bulger at all, has been accused of raping a woman at the St. Regis hotel, New York City, in 2010.

Mueller, who heads up the special investigation into the Trump campaign's infamous collusion with the Kremlin, never knew or heard of "Whitey" Bulger and denies raping a woman at the St. Regis.

The Special Prosecutor has referred the rape case to the FBI, which is famed for its honesty, lack of corruption and non-partisan objectivity. 

Mueller says accusations of rape are fraudulent and the result of GOP pay-offs, as claimed by one of his former paralegals. He also never knew, heard of or communicated with Whitey Bulger.

Your Pal,


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jay Z, Willing Slave of Abramovic?

Popstar Illuminati legend, Jay Z, has come out swinging against Trump on CNN, accusing the President of being a "superbug" who sprayed "perfume on a trashcan." The President's crime? Reducing black unemployment to the lowest it's been in history.

What a criminal. In the meanwhile, photos have emerged of Jay Z cowering before Marina Abramovic.

Does Abramovic own Jay Z? While litigation argues otherwise, pictures tell a different story.

As America's top art witch, Abramovic is famous for "spirit cooking" and a friend of the Podestas along with other members of the NWO Illuminati elite.

Jay Z is a deep thinking MillSoc celebrity with an estimated net worth of $180 million. Abramovic is a celebrity art witch and Gaga? Willing protege.

Kick out the JAMS.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

This Must Cease

There's a lot that's not right with America, like our sly, venal, lying, elitist, hypocritical, mendacious mainstream media. Or the awkward let's pretend it isn't there and it won't be debt, or corruption at the FBI or any one of a number of things. Then there's Chelsea Handler.

Chelsea's a millionaire, yes, a millionaire socialist with an estimated net worth of $40 million and she wasn't happy when the President burned down her SoCal mansion. 

Or maybe it was because the President refused to go on her show, which he called "gross." Perhaps that's why she's taken to attacking women who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton. 

Regardless, here's Victory Girls on the subject of the repellent MillSoc Handler:

When Chelsea Handler is not blaming President Trump for her mansion burning down, she partakes in another one of her favorite hobbies (besides rockin’ the ganja): shaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Last week, she claimed Donald Trump was “like, setting the world on fire” because she had to evacuate her Southern California home. Last week, the “I-think-I’m-so-funny” Handler, during an exchange with Lanny Davis—longtime bootlicker-lawyer and fixer for Hillary and Bill Clinton—she inquired about the “harlot with whore lipstick” the Republicans are “trolloping” out every day.

You can read the whole thing here. In the meanwhile, don't forget that Chelsea's a "Champion of Women" which is why she was part of Linda Sarsour's Woman's March movement. 

You know, the same Sarsour who promotes Sharia law because it's so empowering to women when they're koranically beaten by their husbands.

Chelsea, you are a millionaire socialist hypocrite and we scorn you. Someone, anyone, please bundle this rich leftist succubus off stage.

Your Pal,


Friday, May 5, 2017

Cinco de Mayo

It's Cinco de Mayo, when everyone celebrates the improbable victory of the Mexicans over a French army at Pueblo.

That means, in this bucolic rural haven, that Latino house pounds into the night sky as dogs bark psychotically and the odd crazed peacock screeches approval. You think I'm joking? No, I'm not. It's like a Mexican problem farm.

Bankster Obscenity

But I don't mind, Macron's been 9 gig hacked by /pol. Good work, guys. Pop open a Tecate and consider it a job well done. But maybe you think the Russians did it. What can we say?

Those pesky kremlins get everywhere.



Sunday, February 26, 2017

Seems Like A Typical Witch To Me

Lena Del Rey is all about casting spells against our President, Donald Trump. That's because she's a witch. Witches use magic to get things, in this case, the overthrow of an elected President because he's against high taxes, no borders and Islamic terrorism. 

Looking Good, Lynn, How's That Pact Workin' Out?

He's also against globalism, too, unlike Hillary, Lynn de Rothschild and Tony Blair. The witches didn't protest and cast spells against Lynn and her friends. Why would that be?

Witch Way, Magicke Sister?

Are their eyes wide shut? And, for what it's worth, since when was it fascist for a country to have borders, seriously, since when?

A Typical Globalist Party

Since the billionaire satanists took over the narrative? While you ponder that, check out this email chain. What "penance" does Hillary owe LdR, apart from being a rube in the house of Luciferian wealth and power.

Out demons, out,


Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hillary Clinton was routed by Trump in an epic landslide victory last night, losing to the popular real-estate mogul by over 50 votes in the electoral college.

There were moments of knife-edge uncertainty as the rival candidates appeared to go neck and neck, the one representing the nation's corrupt insider pay-to-play elitocracy and the other fighting the establishment in defense of the people. 

A Typical Golden Tower

Who would win? Here at the Compound we weren't sure and odds were on the Inside-the-Beltway favorite and media darling, Killary. Sure enough, the side bets were going fast and furious on both sides of the Atlantic with the race seeming too close to call.


Then BOOM. State after state went red and the Democrats were wiped off the map; sorry, pollsters and associated NWO stooges, you got a smackdown.

Knees Buckle Loses Shoe

What will Hillary do now, as she stares down the continuing barrel of an FBI investigation into her malfeasant antics. Go into hiding? In Qatar? And what about the chipper little "Mook"? Perhaps he can find a job running a "bar" in San Francisco. 

Where's all the emails, Huma?

Then there's Podesta, the Crowleyite. Go on, set up a magicke shoppe in Chelsea, with your Priestess, Marina and the exotic Djinn, Huma. See where that gets you.


As one noted member of the Intelligence Community put it, "The Demon abandoned its host like a Remora dropping off a Shark."

Too bad, millionaire socialist cabalists, there's a new Boss in town, and he's got a Golden Tower.

The Monkey King

This was all foretold by the Monkey King.

Libs, take note.


Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Plan

So what's the plan? It's simple, read up on  Luke's Gospel, drink some coffee, fry up a steak and couple of eggs, then load some rods and a gun in the truck and get out in the field. And who knows, maybe catch a fish or two and shoot some birds. I think you'll agree, a clear, compelling, achievable plan.

Bill Clinton has a plan, too. He plans to fill Detroit with Syian refugees. Well, hey, they've got to go somewhere and Martha's Vineyard is already booked, by millionaire socialists.

Champagne all 'round!


Wednesday, August 31, 2016

They're Not Saying It's Aliens

But they're not saying it isn't, either, which is why ET boffins at SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) are tuning their telescopes onto a mysterious signal coming from a star in the Hercules constellation, HD 164595.

A tentative translation of the signal reads:

"I don't have a good answer to it. If we were the only Church here and [there were] no other Churches, and if division didn't matter it would be much easier to answer. We were traditionalist, then we were vicious. Now we just look odd."

The stargazing scientists who discovered the strange signal, led by Nikolai Bursov of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Special Astrophysical Observatory, think that HD 164595 is as a good candidate for SETI investigation as any. “Permanent monitoring of this target is needed,” they say.

Others discount the signal as "meaningless gibberish."

"It's just stray signals being microlensed by the star's gravitational pull," said one SETI source, "They don't mean anything, it's meaningless gibberish."

Justin Welby, who is known on social media as the Deputy Anti-Christ, was unavailable for comment.

To the Stars,


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Who is Bob Geldof?

Just another run of the mill celebrity millionaire socialist. He's worth a neat and thank-you-very-much $150 million; small change for an Illuminati stoogedupe of the New World Order, right?

A Knight

Millionaire Socialist Bob (MSB) is a Knight and sings for the world famous Boom Town Rats. Their great hit was I Don't Like Mondays, in which the soulful punk pranksters told the world that they wanted to "shoot the whole day down."

A Millionaire Socialist

Geldof's dream of a EuroCom socialist utopia was shot down at the Brexit referendum, when Britons perversely voted for national sovereignty. 

A Jackass

Sporting readers of this obscure Kebob Stand on the Information Super Highway have thrown down a challenge, Viz. They'll wager their Farage against any two, yes, two, of your Geldofs.

Well, I'm not a gambling man, but the bets are on.

Gold only,


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Worker's Friend

This is a 39 year old out of work coal miner, Bo Copely, asking Hillary Clinton how she was going to be his "friend":

"When you make comments like 'we're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs' these are the kind of people that you're affecting, this is my family. I just want to know how you can say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs, and then come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend."

To which Hillary replied:

"I don't know how to explain it."

ZeroHedge puts it nicely, "We can't say we're surprised by any of this, as just like the financial elites that run everything, political elites also have realities that are significantly disconnected from everyone else."

Use pitchforks, torches, the FBI, whatever, but please, somehow, put the Harridan in jail.

Kick out the JAMS,


Monday, March 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Pantsuit Demon

If you Google "Hillary Clinton Pantsuit" you get 487,000 results. Quite a few, and there she is, grinning at you, like a millionaire socialist who's getting ready to privatise the air.

Then, if you Google "Hillary Clinton Pantsuit Demon" you get 534,000 results and a different picture emerges.

Pretty scary, eh? 

Do the math.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cursitor Doom Attacks Trump!

Celebrity Aleister Crowley lookalike, Cursitor Doom, popularly known as Giles Fraser, believes that Donald Trump "models the anti-Christ." Writing in the UK's Guardian, Doom gets all Book of Thoth on his Trumpian nemesis.

"On the poor, on appealing to fear, on telling the truth, on sexual ethics, on (not) loving his enemies, on making greed his God, Trump models the anti-Christ."

He does? By wanting to make poor people richer by getting them jobs, and calling out the bought and paid for cronyism in America's ruling political elite? Such a Satan. By saying that countries should have borders and Islam's a problem? Well that's evil and even worse, the man's a heterosexual with a hot wife. What. A. Sinner.

Pompeius Magnus Redivivus -- Note Gold

Still, Trump's obviously Pompeius Magnus Redivivus, though possibly richer, and no one's going to call him a saint. But anti-Christ? C'mon Doom, you're just mad that a really popular anti-lib might get into power and undo all the hard, well paid work that millionaire socialists have done to turn America into a larger version of Sweden. But that's by the by. More seriously, Cursitor Doom accuses America of worshiping itself, of idolatrous nationalist self-deification. 

Cursitor Doom

"The death of God," writes Doom, portentously, "comes in many diverse and peculiar forms. In America, it is the flag and not the cross that takes pride of place in the sanctuary."

There's a lot of God fearing, churchgoing Christians in America, many of whom take pride in their country and their flag and aren't ashamed to see it in the sanctuary. They also believe in the Gospel and think that Jesus is God, really God, and attempt to obey and live by the Scriptures while doing good by their neighbor.

Giles Fraser

Pretty basic Christianity, perhaps, but it is Christian and many of its adherents will vote for Trump, albeit reluctantly, because they see him as being on their side against corrupt big government and the aggressive anti-Christian secularism of the left.

If there's an anti-Christ in the room it's this latter party, not Trump, and you, Cursitor Doom, are on the wrong side. The side of Crowley, Sanger, Lenin, Soros, Hillary and the nihilists that want to destroy what's left of Christian culture in the West. 

You might want to think twice before slinging anti-Christ around, Rev. Doom, it might just rebound.


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Is Giles Fraser Cursitor Doom?

Is celebrity Brit Reverend and Aleister Crowley look-a-like, Giles Fraser, Cursitor Doom? Photo evidence suggests that he is.

Or is the Guardian's pet lib, shariasymp Vicar just a willing Illuminati stooge for the pansexualist New World Order of the trans rainbow?

Cursitor Doom

Giles Fraser

The vote is out.