Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jay Z, Willing Slave of Abramovic?

Popstar Illuminati legend, Jay Z, has come out swinging against Trump on CNN, accusing the President of being a "superbug" who sprayed "perfume on a trashcan." The President's crime? Reducing black unemployment to the lowest it's been in history.

What a criminal. In the meanwhile, photos have emerged of Jay Z cowering before Marina Abramovic.

Does Abramovic own Jay Z? While litigation argues otherwise, pictures tell a different story.

As America's top art witch, Abramovic is famous for "spirit cooking" and a friend of the Podestas along with other members of the NWO Illuminati elite.

Jay Z is a deep thinking MillSoc celebrity with an estimated net worth of $180 million. Abramovic is a celebrity art witch and Gaga? Willing protege.

Kick out the JAMS.



Howard Beale said...

What do Celebrities sell the public?
Illusions -can they also deceive the educated-like phds masters and even esquires?
How does a Fan react around a Celebrity?
Jay Z is in the top 1% of 1% @ 810mil of his craft
What is a Keystone?
Abramovic has a lot of very wealthy Industry Fans-Fans that are clebs to the public
What does a photo show?
What was once in darkness is now in the light
What does a photo with words show?
What was once in darkness is now in the light
What does memes on social media do?
Who won the election?
Did only right wing wackos vote for Maga?
We are told by Celbs no liberals voted for Maga-No women or minorities
What do Celebrities sell?
Who is the Celbrity and who is the Fan in Abramovic's photos?
Expose the photo-link LSP onto social media and let the light awaken the people from the illusion

LL said...

Jay Z was getting loaded with Obama in Vegas when the Benghazi attack went down. I wonder if Abramovic was with them?

LSP said...

Wizards and Warlocks, HB.

Esquires bathe in chandelier light, their reality is fluid. Truth will set them free.

Hold the line.

God bless.

LSP said...

That's a good question, LL. Was the Artist Present in Vegas in September 2012, on her way back to New York from a photo shoot in Venice? Perhaps in spirit, but don't mention the cooking.

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