Wednesday, January 31, 2018

You Dirty Little Beast!

It's all very well owning enough deadly assault rifles to equip an irregular fire team in the case of an EOTW scenario or the Eschaton itself, but you do have to clean them. A clean gun is a happy gun, you see.

With that in mind, I hauled out a section of the arsenal and got to work. First things first, the lowly SKS is considerably easier to clean than the AR and its allies, by a factor of a lot. And it got me thinking, maybe piston driven beats gas impingement?

Then I got to the 7.62 BCG (bolt carrier group). It's this massive thing, dwarfing the puny, toylike 5.56 equivalent. Go figure, it's designed to deal with a larger bullet. 

Still, it seemed harder to clean the same caliber FN FALs of yesteryear, which were notoriously piston. Saying that, this beast's way more compact than the old Broomsticks and you can clip things to it, like optics, lights and radar.

Point being? I'm no expert but maybe gas piston rules over gas impingement when it comes to weapons cleaning.

In related news, the FIB is blowing back a lot of hot gas in an attempt to impinge on the release of the House Intelligence Committee memo, detailing FIB corruption. Well go figure.




LL said...

The FBI would rather that the corruption and the coup d'etat was not made public because people might not trust the FBI. We clearly would't want THAT to happen.

LSP said...

Not trust the FBI, LL?!?

Everyone know their hardworking bureaucrats have been doing all in their power to free us from, ahem, RUSSIA.

Anonymous said...

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

LSP said...

That's easy, Anon. Russian bots.

Jules said...

Cleaning guns is a right rigmarole. I'm not doing it again.

LSP said...

I feel, Juliette, that that's a given.

A clean gun's a happy gun.