Monday, January 29, 2018


Years ago, back in the halcyon days when the world was young and UKLF still had county regiments, I was praying, intensely, before the Sacrament. It was before an ecumenical service with local Baptists in Reading, England. 

My Father, rest in peace, was praying beside me. He was part of the service, maybe "guest preacher," and he looked at me, locked in white knuckle prayer effort and said, "Don't you believe in grace?"

Sheepishly, I replied that I did and relaxed.

We filled that church on the night with hundreds of people, it was packed. The Baptists pulled out of the project later because there was a statue of Virgin Mary in the church. Such idolatry!

Make of this what you will.

Gratia plena,



Anonymous said...

What a helpful post!

lukeya said...

What fun those Baptists are!!

LSP said...

Glad you liked it, Anon.

LSP said...

A rip roaring barrel of laughs, lukeya!

They're very suspicious of Christ's Mother.