Monday, January 15, 2018

New British Army Ads, Some Kind Of Joke?

Some say that Gloucestershire is God's Own County, others say it's Yorkshire or somewhere else. Whatever the case, the Gloucestershire Regiment's no more; it was amalgamated with the Hampshires, becoming the "Hampsters" and then disappeared.

I think that's a shame, not least because of the history of the thing. Back to back at Alexandria, fight till the bullets run out at Imjin Hill and all the rest, which made the Glosters the Glorious Glosters or "Mess Tin Heads," depending on your preference. You can take pride in that but no more, it's gone.

Of course the British Army's about a different kind of pride these days. (thanks for the heads up, LL) You never know, when the enemy attacks our rainbow warriors they might die laughing.

Great Britain is apparently preparing for a new kind of war, a war in which gay Muslims defend the realm against... against what? Judy Garland?

All the way to the Emerald City,



LL said...

The British forces are transitioning to rainbow warriors and it's shrinking drastically (like C of E congregations) as many don't want to be part of the new gender confused and politically correct military. Nowhere is this as obvious as the Royal Navy which is struggling to crew the few ships that it has. The fact that the Royal Navy has RAF pilots flying some of the 9 jet aircraft on it's only aircraft carrier says volumes.

LL said...

British Army recruiting material suggests that the preferred recruit be a sexual deviant or a member of the Religion of Peace. What it's telling straight, normal, Christian men is that they'd best find employment elsewhere.

LSP said...

LL, I'm still mad at those videos, to say nothing of so many regiments, including mine, being dissolved. I hate that.

Of course the rainbow riding progleft has wanted to get their hands on the military forever and trans it into a Judy Garland show. They were doing pretty well in the US until DJT came on board. Looks like they're well ensconced in the UK.

Well, it's all a larf until you have to actually fight someone. I'd say they're gambling on that never, ever, ever again happening.

Foolish bet.