Saturday, January 6, 2018


You may have missed it in your rush to buy Bitcoin but today's the Feast of the Epiphany and the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles. I like this:

THE Magi took the lids from their urns and unfastened their caskets, when they presented the symbols of universal homage to our infant prince. But when a woman came to anoint the king in his royal city, she shattered her alabaster jar, that she might pour the precious spikenard on his head. There was a sympathy between her action and the approaching Passion: the perfume of man’s homage could not be offered to God, without breaking the veined alabaster, the body of the Son of Man. Our incense may rise, like that of the Magi, from unbroken vessels, if we present our bodies a living sacrifice. Yet a living sacrifice is also a sacrifice, and is made so by some participation in the shattering of the vase. Christ, sacrificing himself, joins us with him in sacrificing him; Christ, sacrificing himself, sacrifices us, for he has made us parts of him. We come to offer our homage to Christ, but his star has brought us, and the breaking of his mortal vase has furnished all the perfume of our offering.
                                                                                  The Crown of the Year, Austin Farrer.


With that in mind, it's only fair to say that several members of this popular information brokerage have also had epiphanies. Viz. Justin Welby is not so much an Archbishop as  a Comedy House Elf. 

There's no need to get into Mantis People, that's a different post.

Quo Vadis,



LL said...

I was distracted by the smallness of Kim Jong Un's button, the question Hillary asked about "What Happened?", and the stock market soaring well above 25,000 with President Trump asking whether or not we're tired of winning.

I missed the unicorn steak feast.


LL said...

It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall, well inside the Pearly Gates when Welby meets Jesus Christ.

LSP said...

You can imagine the conversation, LL. "But Justsin, there are no house elves in Paradise, you see."
"Not even one?"
"No, Justsin, not even one."

Unicorn steaks are delicious.