Sunday, January 28, 2018

Mimetic Sundays

What better way to relax after Mass than sitting back, taking a load off and looking at a couple of memes!

Nothing quite like mimetic street art, thanks Sabo.

And don't forget Senator Byrd, he was Hillary's friend. Speaking of which...

Don't say ambitious.

Donate instead.




Anonymous said...

But a Billionaire Reality TV Star does qualify you for President? Curious logic.

Julie Culshaw said...

I heard on the radio today that Nancy Pelosi's husband is an almost-billionaire, but no one likes to mention that. And Bernie Sanders has 2 more houses than Mitt Romney, but don't mention that either. Democrats like to be rich, but they try to distance themselves from their materialism. Socialists always do. Donald Trump on the other hand is proud to be rich. At least he is honest about it. Could be why he won.

LSP said...

Don't say operational inconsistency, Anon.

LSP said...

Welcome back JC!

Pelosi is very rich indeed, just like all the other millionaire socialists.

Trump has a golden tower and doesn't pretend to be a socialist.

Like it or not, at least it's honest, unlike the MillSoc globalists.