Sunday, January 14, 2018

So Just Who Is Moby?

So who is "Moby", the elusive vegan Millionaire Socialist behind the CIA's attempt to bring down President Trump?

Gwen, center, holding Moby

Moby is a pop genius superstar worth a paltry $32 million. He once appeared alongside Gwen Steffani and went to the Southside, which was pretty MAGA.

Then he went anti-MAGA and produced a pop video about rainbow colored bears. Was that before, during or after his involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency? 

Is Moby a schizophrenic? Or just a pencil neck beta cuck?

You, the reader, be the judge.

Your Old Pal,



LL said...

Is Moby Dick a social disease he takes credit for?

Yes, he's a beta, progressive, cuck who is hoping to get some press.

Adrienne said...

What a disgusting creepy little sh*thole. Never heard of the guy, but then, he's never heard of me. His loss.

Anonymous said...

Cannabis use during adolescence and combined will pre-existing mental health issues from an unstable upbringing. Hello Schizophrenia.

LSP said...

LL, I don't know if Moby wears a onesie but I wouldn't wager my fighting monkey against it.

LSP said...

I find it hard to add to that, Adrienne, though I'm surprised Gwen was able to hold him so long. She probably had to visit the dry cleaner afterwards.

LSP said...

I quite liked Southside, Anon, but then Moby became a CIA agent and started making rainbow bear videos.

Jules said...

Moby? Nobody cares!!!! Stupid Emo urban poet.

I just lost my phone in a bar. This is far more important. STFU Moby. Any YOU Gwen. Where's The Shamen?

LSP said...

I do like a good blast of the Shaman now and then, Juliette. But poor Gwen, she had to move any mountain to get to the cleaners after picking up Moby!