Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hillary Clinton was routed by Trump in an epic landslide victory last night, losing to the popular real-estate mogul by over 50 votes in the electoral college.

There were moments of knife-edge uncertainty as the rival candidates appeared to go neck and neck, the one representing the nation's corrupt insider pay-to-play elitocracy and the other fighting the establishment in defense of the people. 

A Typical Golden Tower

Who would win? Here at the Compound we weren't sure and odds were on the Inside-the-Beltway favorite and media darling, Killary. Sure enough, the side bets were going fast and furious on both sides of the Atlantic with the race seeming too close to call.


Then BOOM. State after state went red and the Democrats were wiped off the map; sorry, pollsters and associated NWO stooges, you got a smackdown.

Knees Buckle Loses Shoe

What will Hillary do now, as she stares down the continuing barrel of an FBI investigation into her malfeasant antics. Go into hiding? In Qatar? And what about the chipper little "Mook"? Perhaps he can find a job running a "bar" in San Francisco. 

Where's all the emails, Huma?

Then there's Podesta, the Crowleyite. Go on, set up a magicke shoppe in Chelsea, with your Priestess, Marina and the exotic Djinn, Huma. See where that gets you.


As one noted member of the Intelligence Community put it, "The Demon abandoned its host like a Remora dropping off a Shark."

Too bad, millionaire socialist cabalists, there's a new Boss in town, and he's got a Golden Tower.

The Monkey King

This was all foretold by the Monkey King.

Libs, take note.



LL said...

From what I heard from Hillary insiders, she flew into a rage, foamed at the mouth and blamed everyone but herself - and was in no condition to meet her public last night.

Podesta dismissed the flying monkeys without references.

I commented (in reply to your comment) that I expect Mook to move to England and maybe take a job as a bar steward in a gay knocking shop in Soho.

Adrienne said...

Pay back is hell. Trump will unleash the DOJ under Trey Gowdy to charge the Clinton Foundation under RICO. Bill and Hill will probably not do time, but their fortune will be gone - a much harsher sentence.

God bless you, LSP, for all your prayers and maintaining a semblance of sanity while some of us were losing our heads.

Jules said...

RED RIOT! And let's not forget...LET THE PEOPLE RULE!

Anonymous said...

The battle is not the War guys. The Clinton's and their allies have to be pursued into Mordor and cast into the pit of Doom. If not you will be playing Zombie Apocalypse for the next twenty-five years.

LindaG said...

I thank God in prayer. And the prayer warriors will have to be diligent these next weeks, months and years.

God bless America.

The Egyptian said...

Anonymous The Egyptian said...

I so tire of the "but he's not perfect" crowd. you know the first stone thing. Just remember Moses couldn't enter the promised land, king David was a philanderer, Peter denied and Thomas doubted, Judas betrayed and Paul persecuted till struck blind. St Augustine was a little monster and had a concubine and a child, but became a saint and doctor of the church. Am I putting Trump on the same level, NO, however God didn't chose the perfect or the nice when the going got tough. And the only perfect one died on a cross and asks us to have faith and pray. Well right now the going is not nice and it will be tough, so pray and put your shoulder to the wheel, write and call or email you congress critter constantly, put them on notice and PUSH DARN IT

PS pray for a GOOD attorney general to dig out the corruption on both sides of the isle, the swamp is deep and the gators are going to bite

" it is hard to remember that the original objective was to drain the swamp when you are up to your ass in alligators"

Fredd said...

Is Hillary going to make a comeback attempt in 2020? She'll only be 73, and at the top of her game. Should be a great re-match. I look forward to it.

Of course, this would all be moot if she kicks the bucket before then.

Anonymous said...

Trump has power but does he have authority? Will he set a moral example? Prayer is needed.