Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trumpocalypse Eurotantrum

While Americans are busy chowing down on Unicorn steaks, burgers and the odd "Unicorn on Rye, hold the mayo," the European millionaire socialist elitocracy seems to be throwing a bit of a tantrum. Some accuse the rich and powerful comsymp socialists of "infantilism." Here's ZeroHedge:

There is indeed an unmistakable infantility about the reactions of European political elites to the election of the new US president, which are reminiscent of a young child lashing out after being denied candy. More significantly, the reactions reveal an overbearing disrespect for the American people's free and democratic choice of a leader. Most important, however, is that the arrogant claim to the moral high ground by European elites has no basis in reality. It simply is not true that, as Merkel claimed, freedom and democracy, rule of law and respect for people's race, religion and gender are at the foreground of European policies.

A Typical Brussels Street Scene

You can read the whole thing here and, in the meanwhile, enjoy the delicious aroma of roasting unicorn!

Steak's up,



LL said...

The European elites are in danger of losing their jobs as European citizens are looking to the UK and US and wondering what life might be like without a million shifless, angry Syrians roaming the streets looking for trouble. They too may enjoy the delicious flavor of roasting unicorns themselves before long.

Meanwhile, Barack boarded Air Force One for his farewell tour.

Good-bye Barack.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

Whoa. That's some pretty high-grade crybaby stuff right there. You'd think it was another Arab Spring or something. Or would that be ok? I'm confused.

BillB said...

Looks like the European (Continental) Leadership is about to wet their knickers! The New Aristocracy just cannot stand an upstart, ungroomed, bumpkin (because he is not one of THEM) to join the ranks of world leaders.

Anonymous said...

It is far worse this side of the pond than you think. Theresa May and the Conservative party didn't want Brexit and didn't want Trump. They hoped Hillary would win and Brexit could be kicked into touch. Trump knew of this hostility and met Farage instead. Theresa is furious that she had been side-lined. However, due to her shilly-shallying her initial popularity is evaporating as her plan to drag out Brexit negotiations has been rumbled. UKIP has been infiltrated by Conservative Party activists whose sole job is to wreck the party and undermine its attempt to turn Brexit into spring board for political power. Theresa knows the Labour Party is no threat and that the real threat to her position and Party is coming from UKIP. As a result, the British Conservative Party is both ideologically and politically left of Hillary. Most British people are happy about President Trump because it means Brexit will happen, despite the establishment elite's attempts to block it.

LL said...

Did you take note of the reception that the Greeks gave Barack? I guess his popularity at being 1/2 black isn't what it once was. Maybe if he'd been waring his Nobel Peace Prize, they would have been more respectful?