Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Feast of St. Andrew

Listen up, Heathen. Today's the Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle who was martyred by the pagan Roman state. Here's his collect, from the 1928 BCP:

ALMIGHTY God, who didst give such grace unto thy holy Apostle Saint Andrew, that he readily obeyed the calling of thy Son Jesus Christ, and followed him without delay; Grant unto us all, that we, being called by thy holy Word, may forthwith give up ourselves obediently to fulfil thy holy commandments; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

St. Andrew, pray for us.



LL said...

Should I be eating haggis or something? He's the patron saint of Scotland. Maybe just doing the highland fling in the privacy of my own home to bagpipe music will pass for celebration? (I'm not fond of haggis).

LSP said...

I think you can simply eat steak and march about. After all #TrumpsAmerica

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

Being part Scottish, myself, I'm grateful for the reminder about St. Andrew, Parson. Thanks! We didn't do haggis, but we honored the day with a "Speak like a Glaswegian" tribute. Don't forget St. Arnold's feast day later! That's when we get to "Drink like a Glaswegian!"