Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Here at the Compound we're drinking strong coffee, dusting off the Steuben and cleaning guns while, ahem, loyal staff polish the Mess silver.

A lot of this fast-paced, hi-stress action takes place on the porch, where Blue Eschaton has set up in vigilant defense.


In related news, it seems that Hillary wasn't able to address her party faithful on election night because she'd fallen into a psychotic, drunken rage, clawing at long-suffering staffers while hurling inanimate objects at Mook and the well known Satanist, John Podesta.

A Typical Texan Tailgate

Hell hath no fury, eh? America, looks like you dodged a bullet.

God bless Texas,



Infidel de Manahatta said...

I understand Hillary has a big rivalry with Bill and she was looking forward to being elected and being impeached twice, just so she could tell Bill she beat him.

drjim said...

I read where she threw so0me incredibly expensive bottle of champagne at the 120" TV set in the suite and destroyed the screen on it.

Stories of the place being a shambles afterward with food all over the floor, broken furniture, etc, etc, etc.

LindaG said...

Still waiting to see if we dodged the bullet.

And praying it is so.

You all be safe.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

The Blue Protector will keep the zombies and university students away. But I repeat myself.

I just saw Bill Whittle & Scott Ott (on video) discussing Hillary's rage incident. It's starting to sound pretty believable. There really could be no other excuse for not addressing her faithful that night. Nobody's that selfish and callous. Except her. Apparently, Bill ducked out before the really bad stuff happened. Years of experience helps.

Jules said...

Dodged a very nasty, crazed bullet. I suggest you paint your porch gold in support of a glowing future.