Friday, November 4, 2016

Podesta Satan Shocka!

Clinton campaign supremo, John Podesta, a Crowleyite Satanist? Well I never! And we have to ask, how many more top-level Democrats are Thelemite initiates. Go on, have a guess.


In the meanwhile, as you're reflecting on this dark mystery, have a look at the magic ingredients favored by Aleister's disciple, Marina, and her friend, John Podesta.

Remember this, Abramovic, Podesta, Hillary et al, the Devil devours his own. As above? Certainly so below.

You have been warned.



LL said...

Podesta seeks power for its own sake, and the privilege that power brings. The devourer of worlds theme resonates through Crowley's dark ceremonies and that appeals to John Podesta at a visceral level. It's obvious when you look at the man and watch him speak and act. Wikileaks showed a bright light down on the cockroach and his fellows.

Skull and Bones (Yale fraternity) is also instructive since so many of our national leaders (Dem and Rep) were bonesmen. Their fraternity, operating in the dark, has formed and shaped our national policy for many years. Counselor to the President (2014–2015), White House Chief of Staff (1998–2001). The fact that he's eating sperm and drinking breast milk in Satanic rituals may be his effort to "catch up" with bonesmen such as John Kerry and George W. Bush, William F. Buckley and Austan Goolsbee,

Adrienne said...

I am unable to wrap my little pea brain around any of this stuff going on. I'm also well beyond being shocked.

GruntOfMonteCristo said...

Somehow, this doesn't surprise me about Podesta.

LSP said...

LL, I think Podesta's little, or maybe not so little, circle of wickedness is darker than the Yale Tomb. Overlap notwithstanding.

LSP said...

I think the main thing to grasp, Adrienne, is that they're ritual magic satanists.

LSP said...

Grunt, I couldn't agree more.

LL said...

When you're comparing people in league with the Devil, it's sometimes difficult to ascertain who his favorite is at the moment. Clearly Podesta's devoted worship didn't go unnoticed. The rest of the country seemed to think that Podesta, Hillary's champion was the normal flying monkey (except WikiLeaks - they seemed to dial right in on him and pull his pants down around his ankles).

California witches are still not firmly behind Hillary. Why is that? Is there a fracture in Hollywood politics (where witchcraft reigns)?

Will Hillary's black magician falter when she needs him most?