Tuesday, December 12, 2017

This Must Cease

There's a lot that's not right with America, like our sly, venal, lying, elitist, hypocritical, mendacious mainstream media. Or the awkward let's pretend it isn't there and it won't be debt, or corruption at the FBI or any one of a number of things. Then there's Chelsea Handler.

Chelsea's a millionaire, yes, a millionaire socialist with an estimated net worth of $40 million and she wasn't happy when the President burned down her SoCal mansion. 

Or maybe it was because the President refused to go on her show, which he called "gross." Perhaps that's why she's taken to attacking women who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton. 

Regardless, here's Victory Girls on the subject of the repellent MillSoc Handler:

When Chelsea Handler is not blaming President Trump for her mansion burning down, she partakes in another one of her favorite hobbies (besides rockin’ the ganja): shaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Last week, she claimed Donald Trump was “like, setting the world on fire” because she had to evacuate her Southern California home. Last week, the “I-think-I’m-so-funny” Handler, during an exchange with Lanny Davis—longtime bootlicker-lawyer and fixer for Hillary and Bill Clinton—she inquired about the “harlot with whore lipstick” the Republicans are “trolloping” out every day.

You can read the whole thing here. In the meanwhile, don't forget that Chelsea's a "Champion of Women" which is why she was part of Linda Sarsour's Woman's March movement. 

You know, the same Sarsour who promotes Sharia law because it's so empowering to women when they're koranically beaten by their husbands.

Chelsea, you are a millionaire socialist hypocrite and we scorn you. Someone, anyone, please bundle this rich leftist succubus off stage.

Your Pal,



LL said...

I have no idea who this crone is. I've seen her covered on the news as one who opposes President Trump and lacks the courage to be a Muslim woman and put on her tent and take the beating from her husband. But what is her claim to fame? How did she acquire $40M? It has to be a trust fund or she wrote the definitive book on witchcraft for the Hollywood elite or something along that line.

LSP said...

Chelsea's a celebrity MillSoc talk show host/comedian, LL. And she's married to hotel millionaire Andre.

Some say she slept her way to socialist millions. And then Trump burned her mansion down. Well done, Mr. President.

Adrienne said...

Thank goodness LL got here first since I also don't have a clue of who she is other than her name being bandied about. And I certainly don't have a clue as to why her opinion is of any interest to anyone. I don't think she's married, though.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Ah Chelsea. You used to be funny and hot. Now you are neither.

It's a well-known fact that conservative woman age better than liberals. Why? Because they are happy and liberal women are all bitter shrews.

It's SCIENCE people!

Mattexian said...

If she's got $40 million, she could give me 1 and be just as happy with 39.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I only know about her because my mother watches her show from time to time and I get a look in when I visit. She used to watch the Hugh Heffner thing too.

Regardless, Handler's a top Dem booster as well as a Millionaire Socialist celeb.

I don't have cable.

LSP said...

Good science, Infidel.

Report yourself for thoughtcrime.

LSP said...

Mattexian, I was thinking the very same thing!

Anonymous said...

Pronto! Acesse alguns de nossos exemplos.
Leia e aprenda.