Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tax Cut MAGA

Sit yourself down, pour a drink and ponder this conundrum. What makes you richer, paying more money to the government or less? Tricky, right?

Feed The Beast

No. Not tricky. And well done Mr. President, for cutting that particular Gordian Knot of millionaire socialist elite, globalist cronyism. Good work, more money in people's pockets and a gesture, at least, towards smaller government. Towards cutting off the money that feeds the Beast.

Do The Math, Mitch

Also, let the reader understand, our old enemy the Weather's been taken off the list of threats to national security. And with it, presumably, all kinds of lucrative contracts and NWO, millionaire socialist elite cronyism. 

Oh dear, what a shame. America's going to use its massive natural resource to achieve ANWR energy independence and wealth for its citizens. Sorry, open borders, NWO Spirit Cookers.


With that in mind, note how the skunk traitor GOP has decided to rally around DJT. Never Trump? Forever Trump. Whatever, drill, drill, drill and remember, you'll be poorer now because you pay less tax.




LL said...

I'm sure that the Hollywood elite will burn their tax return checks in a DAY OF RAGE protest for more money in their pockets. Look at those government programs that will go unfunded like the Save the Unicorn project.It's a scandal, I tell you.

Adrienne said...

I watched it live and was inspired. It was a time to gloat watching all those never Trumpers sucking up to MAGA and watching MAGA being gracious. Just lovely...

LSP said...

LL, a lot of people are asking for a new unicorn video. Perhaps a WHITE WOLF will be in it.

LSP said...

Adrienne, for me, that was the best part.

5 stars.