Sunday, December 17, 2017

Putin Owns The Seas Gowdy Owns Rosenstein

It's the third Sunday of Advent and the theme's "rejoice," unless you're the UK's Air Chief Marshal, Stuart Peach,  who's worried that Russia's modernized navy is going to cut undersea cables, bringing civilization to an end.

Three things spring to mind. First, how many planes is Great Britain's Air Chief Marshall actually in charge of, six, twelve, thirteen if you're lucky and the parts are in store? Second, does the UK, which is an island, have any ships to keep the modernized Russian navy at bay. 

Eat A Peach

Third, why should Putin, who already owns the US government, according to CNN and the NYT, rip up his underwater communication system to the world? 

An NWO Illuminati Stooge Goon

Good question, unless you're an NWO Illuminati stooge who's attempting to resurrect the Cold War in the hope of budgetary power as chairman of NATO's Military Committee. But again, this begs the question. 

Putin is Awesome

NATO without America is nothing militarily and given that America is now a Russian adjunct under Putin, what's the point?

Seriously, this Russian nonsense has to end and with it, Deep State Mueller's bogus, faked-up, witch hunt investigation into a fairly elected President.

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LL said...

Air Chief Marshal, Stuart Peach, only has one wing. You can't fly with one wing, which is emblematic of the RAF these days. You can buy swords or you can buy bread and circus. It's tough to do both. The UK chose to pay off the unemployed muslims with freebies.

LSP said...

That's a good point, LL. Just think of the votes sword money can buy and then... Russia conquers you or Latvia or Poland or Lithuania or Zimbabwe.

OK, I'll walk that back, maybe not Zimbabwe.