Thursday, December 14, 2017

Get A Haircut, Hippy

Joni, stay clear of that lecherous deadbeat

Life is full of challenges and we rise or fall on them as we move down the fast flowing stream of life. Here's a snapshot. 

You look deep into the black depths of the scrying glass and see a monstrous reflection staring back at you, some kind of long haired freak. 


Who is that? you ask the polished obsidian and realise, in shock, that it's you. And the challenge is on, getting a haircut in this rural Texan haven. No, you're not scared, so you hit the road in your rig.

First stop, Quality Cutz but Quality Cutz is shut, unsurprisingly, because Cutz couldn't cut hair. It wasn't his strength, I hope he moved on to better pastures. I liked Cutz.

Cutz is Gone. He Couldn't Cut

Next stop, Creative Designs, all holed up in a half abandoned strip mall. No. Every chair was full of elderly women with tinfoil in their hair. Do you give up? On the contrary, you face the challenge and meet it head on.

This meant ending up at something called Salon 110 and that's trying because all I'm really asking for is an old fashioned barber. But they're gone in this farming community so you adapt and survive.


A pleasant young woman with pink hair got to work; cutting hair was her "passion" she told me and more power to her. About half way through she asked, "Did you go to Woodstock?" I resisted the temptation to say damn your impudence, "No, I missed that one."


Did I miss the teaching challenge and forget to tell her that "hippy" is synonymous with dirty, thieving, lying beggar? And that Joni Mitchell is a Devil Witch?

You be the judge,



Adrienne said...

I'd say pink hair did a real fine job cutting your hair. I like the slightly spikey bangs. Very chic. I hope you tipped her well.

And........................did you see where your pal Justin Welby will probably be marrying Meaghan (I snagged a naive Prince) Markle and Prince Harry? Nothing could make this fiasco any worse.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Well, at least you have hair. Some of us lost it decades ago.

LSP said...

I agree, Adrienne. Pink Hair did well and I made sure to tip! As for Harry, Markle and Justsin... kyrie.

Imagine Markle's ghetto mom at the palace for dinner, I dare you.

LSP said...

Managed to keep the hair, Infidel. Teeth? That's something else again...

Fredd said...

That's ok, pastor; the Brits have never been overly sensitive to teeth anyway, it's a cultural thing.

LSP said...

That's a very good point, Fredd. And the new set look good, so I'm not complaining.