Monday, December 11, 2017

Cultural Enrichment

Sirens fill the air, the dull rumble of a train passes by, dogs bark psychotically and all in all, it's just another evening in this bucolic, Texan, rural haven. But at least the Jihad isn't trying to kill us with peace bombs, as in New York.

We don't have many Akayed Ullahs here in Hill County, doubtless because they're all in Dallas and now that the President's travel ban on the peace lovers is coming into effect, we'll have less still. What a shame. 

A Peace Lover

Think of the cultural enrichment we'd have from a massive influx of military aged peace loving males from, say, Syria or Bangladesh or Libya or Tunisia or Iraq or any number of failed peace loving states run by the beautiful peace loving religion of peace.

Weird, isn't it, how the peace loving followers of the religion of peace keep blowing themselves and others up. Reflect on this too.

Religion of Peace Falling Behind The Tech Curve 

Muslims claim total superiority over everyone else because they have the definitive revelation from God and therefore know how to live. Leaving aside the helpful bits in the Koran about wife beating and cattle management, how come all their countries are failed third world hell holes?

Heraclius Slays The Persian, artist's impression

Or to put it another way, if Islam is so very awesome, why are the Islamic nations so clearly behind the West, culturally, scientifically, militarily and all the rest. They weren't at one time and now they are. Why? Because they conquered a fatally weakened Eastern Roman Empire and its Persian enemy, inheriting something of the genius of both. Then they drew checks on the deposit until nothing was left and we see the result today.

Let's Have This Back

It's a conundrum for  the Islamists, this can't be their fault, so they resort to victimhood and, well, blowing themselves up. But what am I saying! If the West is so great, why are we 20 trillion in debt and forcing bakers to make gay cakes?

By the beard of the Prophet,



LL said...

Time to go fishing.

Jules said...

Do they do unicorn cakes?

LSP said...

Juliette, the best bit about unicorn cakes is their unique rainbow flavour.

Everyone's in agreement on that score.

LSP said...

That's excellent advice, LL.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Why do pipe bombs always blow up Muslims? Must be rampant pipe bomb Islamophobia.