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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Not So Nice


Three people were killed yesterday when a Mohammedan savage ran amok in a French church, Notre Dame, in  Nice.

Shouting "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great), the fanatical 21 year old Tunisian unholy warrior knifed a man to death, attacked a woman who died of wounds outside the building and beheaded another woman near the font. Christian Estrosi, Nice's mayor, condemned the attack as an act of "Islamo-fascism." 

"Islamo-fascists" or "Muslims" have been active in France, recently beheading a school teacher who dared criticize their pedophile prophet warlord, a gunman Akbar in Avignon and a pointed instrument Jihadi at the French consulate in Saudi Arabia.

Look, here's the thing. If you import thousands of Muslim savages into your country, don't be surprised when they get all savage. Tricky math, ain't it.

That in mind, consider the inevitable reaction. With apologies to Cold Comfort Farm, just you wait and see. 

Alloha Snackbar,


Friday, October 16, 2020

Thousand Yard Shot(s)

"Hey, LSP, why not come over and join us for a shoot on Friday at 8 am on the 1000 yard line." I thought about it for a moment, a thousand yards, would I make a complete fool of myself in the face of these expert, experienced and scientific shooters? Probably. "Sure, I'm in, see you there and thanks a lot."

So I rolled up to J's 1000 yard setup and looked down the lane towards the targets, a series of metal plates, gongs and a silhouette named Jihad. Did I see the targets? No, I did not, far too far away. But that changed when we got up on the stand with Nightforce optics and a spotting scope, I forget the brand. Then the targets came in loud and crystal clear. It was time to shoot.

J went first, to see if the guns were on, an M40 and a custom 300 Win Mag. They were, and N followed with some hits on steel. Well look at that, you can, actually, shoot that far. Exciting, eh? But of course J was guiding the show as a spotter and he knows his stuff. 

Then it was my turn. Huh. By way of full disclosure, I'm not a particularly good shooter and hadn't shot out to 600 yards, even, for years. So I wasn't expecting to get on steel at this range but hey, money on the monkey and devil take the hindmost.

Line up the crosshairs of the beautifully clear Nightforce glass on the plate. Observe the mirage roiling at the base of the sight picture. The wind is moving at what, 5-8 mph? J calls "hold fire..." the wind dies down, "Hold center." You breathe, shoot. A massive winmag explosion ensues, mitigated by the awesomeness of the rig.

And lo and behold, you're on steel. "Hit!" I was amazed, this thing works. And so it did for the next few shots. The gun was on, along with the spotter and, amazingly, the shooter himself. We moved onto the Jihad and scored convincingly.

The M40 was more tricky, with a lesser scope and its round more prey to the wind. Still, the beast got on target to good effect. And then it was over, all too soon. 

Wow. Shooting at 1000 yards and lots of sub moa to boot. What a lot of fun. Of course, for me, none of this would have been possible without a guide getting me onto the target. Big thanks go out to J for making it happen, at every level. And now look what you've done.

Looking at ballistic charts, equations and far more math than's sensible. And optics and guns and spotting scopes and... Hmmmm, I feel an obsession brewing.

And what a great morning.

Shoot straight,


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Gotta Love The Beatles

Well no, not really, especially when the lovable moptops are a couple of murdering, head chopping Moslem savages. That'd be El-Shafee El-Sheikh and Alexanda Kotey, two members of the unholy war execution squad which specialized in cutting off the heads of aid workers and journalists.

These two murderous savages were captured in Iraq in 2018 and a massive legal battle ensued. Should the two Beatles ("Beatles" -- they were from England)  be sent to America for trial and sentencing or segue to the UK, where sensitivity training and rainbow pony therapy sessions would rehabilitate the psychotic, deranged, and possibly possessed by Satan Moslems.

The argument, from UK rainbow leftist lawyers was this. If the head chopper Beatles get extradited to the US they'll get the death penalty. OMG, how inhumane. How could anyone be so barbaric and cruel as to execute people who sawed the heads off of aid workers? You know, with their knives.

So, in a bizarre fit of caritas, the US DOJ promised it wouldn't execute the Beatles. No Helter Skelter for them, just SuperMax hi-jinx for the rest of their lives. Or worse, maybe the merry Butlins that is Gitmo.

I know, the Gospel demands charity. And in this instance I'd argue execution's the better course. Feel free to disagree, there's no rule. But in the reflection, how did the Beatles become so evil, was it innate or learned? 

My call is that people are tempted by Satan and run with it, with bestial, murderous result.

Strawberry fields forever,


Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sunday Sermon - Christ Walks on Water

Christ walks across the water of the lake to the disciples' boat, which is being beaten by the waves. After rescuing Peter, who goes out to meet him and sinks, Jesus enters the boat, stills the storm and guides the ship to shore.

The imagery is powerful. Jesus, appearing in the midst of the turbulent water in the darkness of the 4th Watch. So too is the symbol. The ship of the church, the ark of salvation, is beaten by waves of disbelief, iniquity, and hate only to rescued by Christ.

This is true in every age, not least our own, but consider. As in the miracle, Christ saves his church. For example, he raises up El Cid and Charles Martel, and the False Prophet is driven from Spain and France. The Jihad is routed by Sobieski in 1683 and Vienna saved, the evil, satanic Nazis are utterly defeated and the Iron Curtain blown away like so much noxious smoke.

Point being, as surely as he came to the beleaguered disciples in the midst of the lake, Christ saves his Mystical Body from the tempest which rages against her. He will save the church in our age too if we remain faithful, even desperately so, and cry out with Peter, "Lord, save me!" That must be our prayer.

There, in the act of faith, shouting out in the darkness, against all the odds, lies the path to paradise. Christ catches Peter by the hand, restores him to the safety of the boat, and in the end, to Paradise itself, the far shore of the lake.

So take heart. Our lord and Savior is infinitely more powerful than the iniquity which rages against his Body the church and against us, his faithful.

Sermon over,


Saturday, November 30, 2019

A Mild London Bridge Response

When will the UK and the rest of Western Europe wake up to Moslem threat their ruling elites have imported into their countries for votes and cheap labor? Maybe some people have woken up and aren't prepared to sit down, roll over, and take it.

Who knows, maybe they'll take the fight to the enemy, like a Massive Attack. Then, oh my, watch the Hackney lesbian theater collective duck and cover. Point being, there's a scrap coming.

In the meanwhile the Met, London's police force, go by a rainbow twitter handle cuz, you know, Jihadis run from a rainbow. 



Take Out The Terr With A Narwhal Tusk And Brexit

Some things are all too predictable, others aren't. For example, if you're Cambridge University and you invite an early release,  tagged convict, bomb plot Moslem terrorist to your criminal rehab seminar, don't be surprised if he goes full Jihad and starts killing people on London Bridge. So predictable.


That a Polish cook will react to the cultural enrichment by pulling a 5' Narwhal tusk off the wall and go after the frenzied knife-wielding savage is less obvious. Not the sort of outcome you'd, say, wager the fighting monkey on. And this brings us to Brexit.


If and when the UK's ruling elite see fit to deliver Brexit and respect the votes of over 17 million people, to say nothing of national sovereignty, should Poles get an exemption? 

Judging from London Bridge, I'd argue for a bipartite pact between the Sceptered Isle and the descendants of Jan Sobieski.

Well done, Luckasz.

Aloha Snackbar,


Sunday, October 27, 2019

Died Like A Dog

By now the world knows that ISIS leader Al Baghdadi is dead following a raid by US special forces this morning. According to the President, the savage blew himself up in a dead-end tunnel, where he "died like a dog."

Famous for the brutality of his televised executions and for keeping sex slaves such as American aid worker Kayla Mueller, Baghdadi was praised by the Washington Post, with the newspaper eulogizing the pilot-burning, raping, head-chopper barbarian as an "austere religious scholar." The WaPo changed its headline following outrage and loud guffaws of stomach splitting laughter on social media.

Congressional Democrats were not informed of the raid because 45 feared they would put American lives at risk through "leaking." There were no US casualties although a courageous dog was injured in the operation.

President Trump has stated that significant intelligence was captured concerning the origin, make up and aims of the Islamic terrorist group.

Rumors that former CIA Director John Brennan is a Muslim are entirely that, rumors.

Baghdadi killed three of his children when he detonated his suicide vest. 



Thursday, September 12, 2019

The War On Terror - 18 Years Out

After the 9/11 atrocity I was as keen as anyone else to hit the enemy back, and hit hard. You can't fly planes into the WTC and the Pentagon with impunity, Muslims. And so began the War on Terror, a war in which the enemy was never identified, only a tactic, a war which has proved inconclusive at best, a heinous waste of life at worst.

18 years after December 7th, 1941 was 1959. Japan and Germany had largely been rebuilt. The threat they had represented was relegated to history books and movies. The United States had made the decision to eliminate those threats, converted to a war footing, won decisively, and returned to a peacetime economy that was the envy of the world.
18 years after September 11, 2001 is 2019.
We never identified the enemy. We never declared war. We called it a war. The War on Terror. A complete failure to identify the enemy and an undeclared war on a tactic. Invaded two countries inconclusively. Then we decided to start rebuilding before we had won.
As a result, we have incurred 7,000 combat related U.S. military deaths, 54,000 injuries of which approximately 1,700 involved amputations, and there are 6,000 veteran suicides a year, every year.
In the process we have already spent 6 Trillion dollars. We did not tax or sell war bonds for this. It is all done with borrowing and deficits.
We used up the life of our ships, aircraft, vehicles, and weapons systems. We would be currently unable to effectively respond to another war. Our active obligations drive an ops tempo that do not allow for proper maintenance of equipment and push personnel into a continuous cycle of deployments.
We set in motion a surveillance apparatus that continues to grow, watching every move, call, text, click that we make.
We turned air travel into a Kafkaesque system where everyone, from 80 year old nuns to infants are suspects. It's all theater, but it's unpleasant, unconstitutional theater. And we spent a 100 Billion dollars just on that.
We have lost and are continuing to lose. We're negotiating with the Taliban. We don't control Afghanistan. We don't control Iraq. We are not safer than we were in 2001. We don't have any idea who is coming across our southern border. We don't know that the next attack won't be worse. We're far less free than we were.
If Osama Bin Laden wanted to make us bleed, both physically and economically, he won.

I'd say Borepatch has a point, and I'm pleased we have a president who seems reluctant to commit to more war, not least because I have a son in the game. And, if we're going to fight, let's identify the enemy and do it to win. I'll wager the Jihad, to say nothing of Saudi Arabia and its puppets inside the Beltway, wouldn't last long.

In the meanwhile, those responsible for the deaths should be held accountable. I know, good luck with that.

God bless,


Monday, April 15, 2019


I'd barely finished shooting when news came in that Notre Dame de Paris, perhaps Europe's most beautiful medieval cathedral, was on fire, flames had engulfed the building. 

First thoughts first, the Jihad did it, striking a blow against the Crusaders, if only they were, in the heart of the Frankish kingdom.

But no, ISIS hasn't claimed responsibility, which they would if they were in on it, what a triumph for the Jihad. Who then? A careless builder, throwing a half smoked Gauloise down on the tinder dry frame of the great church's roof? Perhaps.

Anarcho-Marxists, sticking it to the hated Man a few days before Easter? Conceivable. But who really stands to gain from such a disaster. 

What about Macron, who now gets to rebuild the "soul of France" and become a hero saviour at the very point of looking down the blade of a hi-viz guillotine.

Whatever the case, stand by for photo evidence of "yellow vests" setting light to the cathedral and in the meanwhile, thank God the church is still standing and its treasures safe. Apart, of course, from the  priceless irreplacement of it all.

Speaking of price, who insures Notre Dame? And while you're following the money, I'll tell you this. 

Do not, I repeat, do not mess with the Blessed Virgin Mary or you will be relentlessly destroyed.

Your Friend,


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

State Religion Goes Dhimmwit In Blackburn

If you're a state religion, like the Church of England, it'd be a bit odd if your teaching didn't mirror the state's. Which is awesome as long as the state's Christian, but what happens when it isn't?

Imagine a mythical country where everyone thinks you can change your biologically given gender at will and that anything less is an attack on freedom. 

The freedom to be what you wanna be regardless of your chromosomes. Sure, you've still got to slave away at the cubicle for the Man but you can do it in a frock, because now you're free.

OK. The State Church supports this in our imaginary country and starts telling its few believers that there's no such thing as the fatherhood of God and gets rid of all his oppressive personal pronouns. Boom. Liberty at last.

Now take this small thought experiment a step further.  Say you live in a small town, let's call it Blackburn, where 25% of its 100+k population are Muslim and you decide to hold an "anti war mass" on Armistice Day eve. What happens?

Being a reflection of the state of things, an imam gets up during the beautifully pacifist liturgy and incites Jihad with the Muslim call to prayer or Adhan, thus claiming the cathedral for Islam. 

Speech, as it were, notoriously enacts and there it is, a once Christian cathedral becomes a mosque in the imaginary land of the dhimmwits.

You can read all about this make believe scenario here. The Archbishop of Canterbury's preference for a genderless God is as well known as his love for chinos.

Good luck, CofE,


Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Feast of St. Francis

It being the Feast of St. St. Francis, I drove across the dam to say Mass and the sky was huge, such is Texas.

Some say that Francis was a kind of hippy, although his hair was notoriously short, he didn't thieve and was a catholic Christian. Are the two synonymous? I'd say they are, at the end of the day and while we're at it, Europe is the Faith; thanks Belloc, for that. 


Of course the old Europe is fast denying the Faith and becoming something else in its great secularist experiment which has, oddly enough, a peculiar fondness for Islam. 

Foretold, when you think about it, by Chesterton in the Flying Inn,  wherein a cheerful band of heroes roam about England with a large cheese, lots of ale and a "pop up" Inn. 

Say No To The NWO

In doing so they defeat an evil ruling elite which has embraced Mohammedanism and banned alcohol, much less pubs. Prescient stuff, GKC, and with the fierce ChesterBelloc in mind, will America take up the mantle Western Civ? 

Good question and I'd argue, if the present howling, gnashing of teeth and wailing of the Left is any metric, that we are and have a chance of winning. So get your act together, GOP, defeat the antichrist globalist elite NWO and their Illuminati Hollywood shills and #ConfirmKavanaughNow

A Saint

But back to Francis. He may not have been a thieving hippy but he did, apparently, talk to animals. That sounds pretty freakish dreadlock, right? Not so fast, punters. Francis preached to the animals because he felt he got a better response from them than he did with his human congregations.

He also went on to try and convert the great jihad general Saladin. He failed, but the remarkable Moslem, and he was, gave the mendicant saint the True Cross or fragments of it, which the Islamic war horde had captured at the disaster which was Hattin.


Moral of the story? 

Don't be a hippy, strive to be a saint, scorn our globalist elite NWO overlords and ask for Francis' powerful intercession.

And as always,

Deus Vult!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Never Forget

Never forget and by the same token remember the constant stream of pro-Muslim sentiment that gushed out of the White House right after the attacks and throughout the Obama years. 

Islam is a religion of peace, lied George Bush and the aptly named Hussein took up the mantra.

The same lie's being peddled today, albeit with a kind of desperation in the face of the Jihad savages' inability to stop themselves from running amok in Western towns and cities, to say nothing of their homelands. Well, they've been at it since Mohammed so why stop now?

But while it's important to know, name and fight the enemy, we also have to ask what we're fighting for. I'd suggest the freedom to drown ourselves in strip malls, concrete metrosprawls and gadgets isn't going to cut it. 

we not only need to remember the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the aborted attack on the White House due to patriots who stood up to evil - and the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi a year later, but we need to look at ourselves as a nation and on the unwavering course that we need to take into the future for ourselves and our posterity.

We need to look at ourselves as a nation, well said and in doing so ask what it is we stand for. For the Kingdom of God or some other thing? I'll leave you to reflect on the likely success of the latter. Sermon over.

May those who died 17 years ago today rest in peace.


Saturday, September 8, 2018


It's weird, but every time Western backed proxy Jihad militias in Syria are on the verge of losing yet another battle, the Syrian government launches a chemical attack against their civilians, prompting the West to attack Assad forces.

We're gearing up for this deadly spectacle again as the Russian and Iranian backed Syrian army launches a full scale assault on Al-Quaeda affiliates in Idlib province. Well ahead of the offensive on one of the last remaining terrorist strongholds, Russia warned of a false flag chemical attack. 

Western response has been predictable, threatening Assad with swift and vigorous action if chemical weapons are used. Fair enough, but who stands to benefit if they are?

A Syrian government on the edge of victory, which has everything to lose by drawing down potentially catastrophic fire on its own position, or the Islamist terrorists who have everything to gain from massive intervention on the part of the US and allies.

Put simply, Assad stands to lose everything if he uses chemical weapons, the reverse applies to the Islamist terrorists.

So if and when heart wrenching reports of men, women and children being killed by poison gas in Idlib, along with stirring humanitarian videos of the Mother Theresa inspired White Helmets providing humanitarian aid start to surface, who's the culprit?

Assad or some other thing?

By the way, Youtube's not only banned Alex Jones but the Syrian government too. Surely a coincidence. 

And since we're visiting, some 300,000 people have died in Syria since the Saudi/Qatari/US backed LNG war against Assad started.

Imagine, just for a moment, that we were Syria and had lost so many people. Then add Iraq's 500,000 dead and ask yourself how you'd feel about our foreign policy if you were on the receiving end

Out demons out,


Saturday, May 12, 2018

UK Goes Full Thought Crime

Or at least it will if new sentencing proposals for provoking online  "hostility" towards people with "protected characteristics" are enacted. 

Offenders could face up to 6 years in prison for posting things on the internet that are hostile to “race; sex; disability; age; sexual orientation; religion or belief; pregnancy and maternity; and gender reassignment.”

For example, if you were evil enough to post, "Islam is a devil inspired death cult whose founder, Mohammad, was a pedophile, rapist warlord, and transsexuals are blasphemous parodies of women," then you might get in trouble and go to jail.

Or maybe you're hostile enough to tweet, "Hillary is a lame Old Crone who had degenerate sex with Yoko Ono," all the while having the temerity to broadcast Russian infographics of the last President.

Well then, if you were online hostile enough to do that you might end up in the slammer for six years. So much for freedom of speech, and since when was it some kind of Gaia-given right to rainbow ride your way through life without being offended by contrary opinion?

For that matter, who decides who and what's on the list of "protected characteristics", a lesbian theater collective in Dalston and their Islingtonite patrons on the judiciary? And where does thought crime begin and end, what constitutes "hostility"? 

According to several UK police forces "dislike" and "unfriendliness" define the term, neatly criminalizing the entire populace at some point or another. And if you think that sounds Orwellian you'd have a point, and a frightening one.

Then again, the whole tyrannous edifice of trans rainbow utopian orthodoxy might fall apart under the weight of its own absurdity before any real harm's done. 

Like really, you're going to imprison people for saying there's something weird about trannies and pride parades and something violent about a religion that's been waging war against the world since its inception?

Go ahead and try it but don't be surprised if the law's held in contempt. Speaking of which, this internationally acclaimed mind blog has been banned from Facebook and Instagram.

Must be doing something right.



Monday, December 11, 2017

Cultural Enrichment

Sirens fill the air, the dull rumble of a train passes by, dogs bark psychotically and all in all, it's just another evening in this bucolic, Texan, rural haven. But at least the Jihad isn't trying to kill us with peace bombs, as in New York.

We don't have many Akayed Ullahs here in Hill County, doubtless because they're all in Dallas and now that the President's travel ban on the peace lovers is coming into effect, we'll have less still. What a shame. 

A Peace Lover

Think of the cultural enrichment we'd have from a massive influx of military aged peace loving males from, say, Syria or Bangladesh or Libya or Tunisia or Iraq or any number of failed peace loving states run by the beautiful peace loving religion of peace.

Weird, isn't it, how the peace loving followers of the religion of peace keep blowing themselves and others up. Reflect on this too.

Religion of Peace Falling Behind The Tech Curve 

Muslims claim total superiority over everyone else because they have the definitive revelation from God and therefore know how to live. Leaving aside the helpful bits in the Koran about wife beating and cattle management, how come all their countries are failed third world hell holes?

Heraclius Slays The Persian, artist's impression

Or to put it another way, if Islam is so very awesome, why are the Islamic nations so clearly behind the West, culturally, scientifically, militarily and all the rest. They weren't at one time and now they are. Why? Because they conquered a fatally weakened Eastern Roman Empire and its Persian enemy, inheriting something of the genius of both. Then they drew checks on the deposit until nothing was left and we see the result today.

Let's Have This Back

It's a conundrum for  the Islamists, this can't be their fault, so they resort to victimhood and, well, blowing themselves up. But what am I saying! If the West is so great, why are we 20 trillion in debt and forcing bakers to make gay cakes?

By the beard of the Prophet,