Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Feast of St. Francis

It being the Feast of St. St. Francis, I drove across the dam to say Mass and the sky was huge, such is Texas.

Some say that Francis was a kind of hippy, although his hair was notoriously short, he didn't thieve and was a catholic Christian. Are the two synonymous? I'd say they are, at the end of the day and while we're at it, Europe is the Faith; thanks Belloc, for that. 


Of course the old Europe is fast denying the Faith and becoming something else in its great secularist experiment which has, oddly enough, a peculiar fondness for Islam. 

Foretold, when you think about it, by Chesterton in the Flying Inn,  wherein a cheerful band of heroes roam about England with a large cheese, lots of ale and a "pop up" Inn. 

Say No To The NWO

In doing so they defeat an evil ruling elite which has embraced Mohammedanism and banned alcohol, much less pubs. Prescient stuff, GKC, and with the fierce ChesterBelloc in mind, will America take up the mantle Western Civ? 

Good question and I'd argue, if the present howling, gnashing of teeth and wailing of the Left is any metric, that we are and have a chance of winning. So get your act together, GOP, defeat the antichrist globalist elite NWO and their Illuminati Hollywood shills and #ConfirmKavanaughNow

A Saint

But back to Francis. He may not have been a thieving hippy but he did, apparently, talk to animals. That sounds pretty freakish dreadlock, right? Not so fast, punters. Francis preached to the animals because he felt he got a better response from them than he did with his human congregations.

He also went on to try and convert the great jihad general Saladin. He failed, but the remarkable Moslem, and he was, gave the mendicant saint the True Cross or fragments of it, which the Islamic war horde had captured at the disaster which was Hattin.


Moral of the story? 

Don't be a hippy, strive to be a saint, scorn our globalist elite NWO overlords and ask for Francis' powerful intercession.

And as always,

Deus Vult!



drjim said...

Wonderful sermonette, Parson.

Thanks for posting it!

LL said...

I'm always suspicious of the 'holy relics' that circulated during the Middle Ages. There were so many splinters of the true cross floating around that the cross would have to be as big as a giant redwood. Does that make me an unbeliever? I don't think so. The finger of a dead saint or the feather of a phoenix may have been important to some people at some time, but kindness toward others, gentleness, humility, generosity toward those less fortunate and a love of Godliness always wins out against the creatures from the Pit.

Jim said...

+1 to LL's comment.
I hope Europe isn't doomed. Their wounds seem to be self inflicted but there do seem to be some rational folks over there and I hope they are the ones running things soon.

Adrienne said...

I've always loved St. Francis because he was such a party boy when he was young. The birds and wolves stuff came later proving that anyone can be converted (even me;-)

LSP said...

Thanks, drjim. I've come to appreciate Francis more and more, despite being a Dominican by DNA!

LSP said...

What does the good book say, LL? "I desire not sacrifice but mercy." Saying that, did Peter Hermit & Co find the True Cross on the 1st and best Crusade? Good question.

If so, it didn't help the Outremer at Hattin and more's the pity.

I've always had a relic of the Cross at the various churches I've served in this long running US tour, up until Texas. That probably needs to change -- we need all the help we can get against the demoniac army.

LSP said...

Jim, I feel that Europe will find itself and let's not forget that we have a skewed vision of the place from across the sea. Still, the race is on. Let's not have to deal with Eurabia, please.

LSP said...

Adrienne, you said it, the WOLVES.

I'm not saying that Francis is LL's patron saint, but I'm not saying he isn't, either.