Saturday, October 13, 2018

Witches Hex Kavanaugh

Some say that we're in a fight, a war of good v. evil, of God v. Satan if you like. Ha, ha, such absurd hyperbole. But hold that thought.

A coven of Brooklyn witches aren't happy with the election of a Catholic Christian onto the Supreme Court, so they're hexing him.

We are embracing witchcraft's true roots as the magik of the poor, the downtrodden and disenfranchised and it's history as often the only weapon, the only means of exacting justice available to those of us who have been wronged by men just like him.

Right on, Catland Brooks, sure you're not an Episcopalien Bishop and if not, why not? And let's not forget the witches' bold attempt to overthrow the President with "binding spells. 

Remember that? All the witches met some time back to cast a spell on Trump to stop him from enacting his evil policies.

You know, like smaller government and taxation, actually having a border, how very evil, and bringing jobs back to America at the expense of self-serving, corrupt, treasonous, tasseled-loafered Illuminati shills who live on the trillion dollar grift of the Imperial Capital.

Well the spell didn't work, the swamp's draining, albeit slowly and much to the outrage of the left and their globalist masters. Undaunted, the witches are at it again.

And here's a thought. If we're not in a fight of Good v. Evil, of God v. Satan, then why does one side enlist demons and give 25% of their hex admission money to Planned Parenthood? To say nothing of being no-excuses-this-is-us devil witches.

So what can we say?



Jim said...

When whining fails, let's try magic! Now where's that copy of the Necronomican?

UK Reader said...

All rather strange indeed. From this side of the Atlantic the whole business of judge selection raises eyebrows. Here it's done in the name of the Queen who is head of the Anglican Church and only a resolution of both Houses of Parliament can dismiss a judge. What is also strangely ironic is the way the anti-Kavanagh campaign was pursued, neither by a civil case or a complaint to the police which would place the matter within the jursidiction of the law to be determined on the rules ofevidence. If either happened with the prospective candidate as a judge in the UK, the appointment process would be suspended until the case had been resolved either way in a court of law, following due process. But that route was not chosen.

As to the broomstick element, taking up the role of judge,jury and executioner it's even more ironic given the matter has been taken up by self-apointed witches of today who are the same ones who today complain of the historical injustice and persecution in witch hunts in the 17th century. These stopped in the end by a greater insistence on due process and the development of the rules of evidence. In passing, it is not suprising that the spells haven't worked since modern wicca was invented by the elderly Gerald Gardner (1881-1964) in 1954, a man with a taste for ritual nudity and flagellation who found plenty of gullible souls would go along with it if they could call themselves witches and priestesses.

Fredd said...

Trump cut taxes, and the average American taxpayer is seeing approximately $2,000.00 more on their W-2 each year; how totally wicked.

He's bound and determined to construct a wall to keep out invaders from the south; an act too horrible to mention.

And he's met in the Oval Office with....gasp!!.....KANYE WEST!! Pure evil incarnate.

It's gonna take some serious eye of newt and wart of toad to deter all of this evil, there's probably going to be a run on the stuff down at the local coven...

Anonymous said...

At least we now know who has been turning the frogs Gay.

LSP said...

That, Jim, is an excellent point. Maybe better not shoot Marina (Abramovic) a text.

LSP said...

Dear UK Reader,

The Kavanaugh hit job was a sight to behold. Who knew that the US political arena, to say nothing of process of nominating justices to the highest court of the land would devolve into a freakshow resembling nothing so much as The Gangs of New York. Well it has, and there it is.

Then there's witches. Irony indeed and thanks for reminding us of the infamous hermetic deviant, Gerald Gardner. We don't hear much about him these days, curiously. And I'm no expert, but the witches' spells seem to be backfiring or rebounding, binding the very people they're supposed to loose. Trump, for example, keeps on winning and Hillary notoriously doesn't.

Is this karmic lashback or a simple of case of Satan discarding his broken toys? Terrifying prospect either way.

I won't comment on priestesses.

LSP said...

Fredd, they keep casting spells to bind Trump but he keeps on winning. What's going on, have they got a targeting issue? It's almost as though their hexes are BINDING HILLARY and LOOSING BIDEN.

Maybe the coven needs to be encouraged. At this rate we'll be looking at a Biden/Fauxcahontas ticket for 2020. Heck, maybe they'll surpass themselves and resurrect the Old Crone herself. Yes, please. Roll out the magic.

LSP said...

That, Anonymous, is a very good point. Do they know no shame?