Monday, October 1, 2018

Gone Fishing

"I know," I thought cleverly to myself, "I'll go fishing." And that was the plan for Monday morning, but it nearly got derailed because of a church PO Box and taking care of business.

Load up your rig with beer and tacos and head for glory.

Still, got to the lake and cast off with worms and a couple of lures, but the fishing was slow. Sure, a couple of bites here and there but nothing much. I blame that on the malfeasant, demonic static unleashed by Fienstein and her cohort of satanists on the world. It confuses the fish.

Look what the FBI caught!

The hideous Golem representative from California and her puppet aside, I managed to catch a decent Bluegill and had a couple of strikes with topwater. Some kind of Rapala lure, I think.

Then it was time to head home, happily tired out by clambering around the rocks of Soldier's Bluff in search of fish. Next step?


GUNS, and horses. This is important.

Your Pal,



LindaG said...

Nice fish indeed! Sorry you didn't get more to go with it; but you had lovely weather!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Prayer and fishing. Answers to many of life's questions?

Adrienne said...

You had a lot more fun than I did. Good for you and Blue Judge.

LL said...

Blue Justice would be a better member of SCOTUS than Ruth Bader Ginzburg. He may be deaf and senile (like RBG) but he's not evil.

LSP said...

It was good to get out, Linda. Clears the mind!

LSP said...

I have to agree, WSF. I find shooting and riding helps too, but I've been a bit slack on that front lately. Have to sort it out.

LSP said...

He's a bit of an old gentleman now, Adrienne but still quite fierce. He bit a lib the other day. Well done, Blue Prosecutor!

LSP said...

LL, Blue Justice would be way better than RBG. Mind you, that's not saying very much. Is RBG even alive, or is it animated by some unholy spirit?

Anonymous said...

2:20 PM
Ms. Michelle “ for the time in my life I’m proud to be an American “ Obama stands there, a multi-millionaire elite who lives in a mansion, with a fabulous education from Princeton and Harvard, and yet she advocates for bigger government, higher taxes, more government control over your lives – while remaining immune and exempt from the consequences of her exhortations.]

Norm Alioto said...

Hey LSP, we're not all bad in California. Some of us go fishing on the regular!


LindaG said...

Hubby and I were stationed in California in the 70's, during the Regan time. Lake Amador was the BEST for blue gill. We caught messes of them up in the flooded trees.
Lake Berryessa was good for trout; but a bit weird when having an earthquake.
I could not live in California now.
God bless and good luck when you fish again, Norm.