Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Current cagematch chanpion, the Grand Commander, Donald the Strong, has thrown down the gauntlet, threatening celebrity prostitute fighter, Stormy Horseface Daniels, that he'd "go after her."

“Great, now I can go after Horseface and her 3rd rate lawyer in the Great State of Texas,” tweeted the Grand Commander on social media. But the Prostitute wasn't far behind. "Game on, tiny," tweeted the famous pole dancer, after accusing the President of bestiality.

Justice For The Pimp!

The Commander's comments come after one of the Prostitute's lawsuits against the President was tossed out of court and the stripper's lawyer, Avenatti, was ordered to pay Trump's legal fees.

Game on, but who will win this white knuckle, seat of your pants fight to the last lawyer standing? For that matter, can CPL and the Prostitute even afford those fees; will this match be over before it's even begun?

Bets on!



LindaG said...

Oh, good grief.
I just want the November elections to be conservative. I despise early voting. Gives the dems time to move illegal voters around.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Maybe the (P)regressives will replenish her GoFundMe account.

LL said...

Stormy's illustrious career as a 'soiled dove' has come crashing down since she's "too old to rock and roll" and too young to die. Smart whores put their money away for a rainy day. Stormy (and her pimp/husband) apparently lived large in the hopes that the well worn source of THEIR income would still attract suitors at more than $25 a pop. When it became clear that would not be the case, she went after the President - possibly because she was tired of winning - and she lost.

Now Stormy's money (what's left of it) will be deposited into President Trump's legal defense fund.


LL said...

According to The Hill, the creepy porn lawyer and US Presidential hopeful, Avenatti, has been “informally seeking advice from Adam Parkhomenko,” co-founder and executive director of the super PAC Ready for Hillary. Given his record of failure, it’s only fitting that Avenatti seeks advice from those who were defeated by Trump.

Imagine the Democrat debate stage with:
Creepy Porn Lawyer
Hillary - giving it another try
Slow Joe Biden
The Cherokee Princess, Poke-a-haunt-us
and so forth

It will be a political spectacle for the ages as all of these misfits lay into each other. It will also be interesting to see whether or not Barack will endorse his former VP, or if he'll opt for a mixed race, female candidate like Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)

gL said...

Um, Fool, what in sam hell is a "pregressive"? Wait, never mind.

gL said...

Well LL, when you lay down with fools..

gL said...

"Grand Commander," now doesn't that have a nice ring to it. Not unlike Grand Wizard.

LSP said...

Linda, I 2nd the motion.

LSP said...

WSF, we know about the GoFundMe, how much more went into the, ahem, kitty?

LSP said...

Whoa! LL, we can but hope and who would emerge the victor? Hillary, of course. It's still HER TURN after all. Then there's Michelle, waiting in the wings...

Still, I feel sorry for the PIMP. Surely he deserves a slice of the action.

LSP said...

GL, my dear old friend, be careful. WSF and LL might hunt you down, with extreme prejudice. Have you been following the Kashoggi story? Unpleasant, isn't it.

Grand Commander was coined by the Chinese who admire and respect President Trump for his strength and vision. Grand Wizard was a rank invented by Democrats.

Make of that what you will.

gL said...

Wow!, actual death threats! Now I know I'm winning.

LSP said...

GL, are you quite sure you're not one of /our guys?

Enjoy the appalling PiL.