Friday, October 19, 2018

Time Traveler

A transdimensional time traveler has broken silence to tell us what life was like for the Worldwide Anglican Non Communion pre 2000, Before Trans Era (BTE).

Some Kind of Joke?

"It was different," says "Josh" who wishes to remain anonymous, "We were there, like a normal church, and then everything got weird. There were all these priestesses and they did some kind of deal with the gays. Maybe in Chicago.

Gene, Loretta, Sharpton, the Trinity

"Next thing you know they'd gone full rainbow and there were lesbian bishops and this guy, Gene Robinson, but he's gone now because it's not cool to be gay, you have to be trans. 

Gross Van Dyke

"I know this, I sat in Ian Markham's study at VTS, he went to King's, and heard it all spelled out. It was going to get them lots of people in the pews but it didn't. More people get buried in the Episcopal Church than get baptized."

Psi Power

Ian Markham, Dean of the prestigious white privilege seminary, VTS, was unavailable for comment and so was "Josh", the time traveler. The Episcopal Church continues to hemorrhage members despite going "full rainbow."


The Archbishop of Canterbury is popularly known as "Justsin."

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Jim said...

I was raised in the Episcopal Church. It grieves me to see it going this way.

LL said...

Very sad. The descent into Sodom and Gomorrah. It's happened before, hasn't it. And it didn't end well.

Old NFO said...

Sad is right. Catering to 'all' usually doesn't end well, but I guess they didn't read history...

LSP said...

It's a right mess, Jim and it grieves me too. The libs really messed it up and it raises the question, what's wrong with the denom that it was so easily and quickly subverted.

Of course we're all under attack and what comes out the other end will be a better church. I pray, btw, for unity. We have to find our way back to that.

LSP said...

That, LL, is an excellent point. And, come to think of it, the Episcopaliens led the way. This means they'll be the first to die, which is sobering.