Monday, October 29, 2018

Melania Mondays! Halloween

It's Monday and time for some welcome relief from the insanity that's become the news cycle. Fortunately for us, Melania's here to help and she's not been idle.

Well known for her love of children, America's popular and glamorous First Lady stepped out in style at the White House Halloween party, handing out candy to children.

President Trump got in the Halloween spirit too, waving a serpent staff over the trick-or-treaters. Some observers describe this as a "hex" or a "spell.

But the President was only emulating Moses, whose serpent staff, the Rod of God, devoured the snakes of Pharoah's magicians and protected the Israelites in the Exodus and beyond.

Melania, who's regularly attacked by snakes in the lying, corrupt, smug, elite, mainstream media, clearly enjoyed the imagery and went on to bring happiness and smiles to lucky children.

Well done First Lady, for doing your bit to make America great again.




drjim said...

I'm constantly surprised at the amount of CLASS or President and his lovely wife display.

Obummer and his wife (?) always looked seedy, shady, and suspicious, like they were hiding something....

LL said...


Melania's time in the White House will be looked back on as a wonderful moment in history. She's a Ferrari. Her predecessor was a dump truck with the odor of an old taxi.

The Egyptian said...

Her predecessor was a dump truck with the odor of an old taxi.

Best descriptor I have heard in years, laughed out loud

LindaG said...

Even on Tuesday, the First Lady still looks great. And everyone looked quite happy, too!
Thank you, Parson for the smile.

And LLs comment made me chuckle. :)

LSP said...

I agree, drjim. They never seemed at ease in their roles and go figure, both weren't proud of their country, much less the White House.

LSP said...

LL, you have a way with words!

LSP said...

I'm with you on that, Egyptian.

LSP said...

I thought she loked good, Linda, and Trump playing Moses was neat too.

Jules said...

What a lovely coat. Very "yummy in yellow" and that wicker basket brings a very French farmers market feel, which I like.

LSP said...

Jules, what can I say? Melania does it again. Well done, First Lady.