Monday, October 22, 2018


No, not the faggy, beta acid folk rock outfit that didn't dominate the airwaves in the '70s. No, not them, but the Caravan of weirdly military age men who are marching on America, 10,000 strong.

Who's paying for the Caravan, who set the jolly Caravan off? Was it North America, for daring to have a better economy than, say, El Salvador? Was it Soros and the Illuminati Globalists? 

Hey, their pockets are notoriously deep and they're all about beating down the minimum wage. Gotta maximize the bottom line and increase the income stream, private jets and islands don't come cheap.

Then again, maybe Trump paid for the Caravan in a stroke of 4d chess midterm  genius. He might as well of done, it's only going to boost MAGA. 

Good work, lib PR machine.

Build the Wall,



LindaG said...

I find it all troubling no matter who is paying for it. I worry for America, and pray.


God bless America, please.

LL said...

Follow the money. Somebody is paying to recruit, lead, feed and support 10,000+ third world urchins. Somebody is paying off the Mexican government. Somebody who is doing these things hates the USA. (Matthew 13:24-30 makes a great sermon) Those people need to be identified and asked to leave the nation - OFFICIALLY as in exile.

Maybe Kenya will take them?

Fredd said...

The videos of this huge invading mob shows virtually ALL young, military age males. Jessica Tarlov said on Fox & Friends this morning that this mob consists largely of women and children.

Who do I believe? My lying eyes, or Democrat lap dog Jessica Tarlov?

That's a rhetorical question, naturally. Of course I believe Jessica Tarlov.

LSP said...

Linda, we seem to be in a state of turmoil. Let's hope for a good election result.

LSP said...

Well said, LL. Track 'em down and send 'em off.

Still, the caravan thing seems pretty misguided as a strategy to boost the dem vote.


LSP said...

But of course, Fredd. Jessica Tarlov every time.

I was a bit worried you'd have to report yourself for re-education!

UK Reader said...

What is interesting is that some of this slips into the territory of a theoretical discussion amongst debating Marxist types in the UK which they don't want to commit to print readily, a theory dubbed '4th Stage Imperialism' which considers to plans and designs the governors of global capitalism (whom you call the 'Illuminati')who seek to manipulate and control popular consciousness by promoting politically correct notions and politics based upon minorities as collective abstractions rather than actual human beings (for example creating a fanciful abstract class called 'transgender' avoids the actual scientifically based genotype, phenotype and glandular reality of actual individuals within a repressive late capitalist society, disguising actual injustice and exploitation experienced in reality).

Unfortunately,the scope for open discussion on this is - even amonsgt avowed and committed Marxian academics - being restricted from fear they will face a 'twitter backlash' (whatever that is) and more crucially cuts to academic funding and tenured positions. They feel restricted in discussing such ideas openly, though this at least spares us from page after page of humourless polemical tracts. In contrast, you enjoy no such restrictions on what you think about it all and as C.S Lewis wrote 'smiles from reason come'.

LSP said...

Thanks for that, UK Reader.

You might enjoy this:

Of course anyone on the left disputing this bought and paid for narrative is in for a rough ride, bye bye life in the hallowed halls of academe. And the same goes for anyone else -- Big Rainbow has deep pockets and plenty of leverage.

Still, it's sad, I think, that the very people who are pledged to help the less fortunate in society are the chief victims of ultra rich Illuminati Cabal puppetmasters. There they are, campaigning for trans bathrooms and gay cakes while people wonder where the jobs went and why they live in shacks as their MillSoc, sorry, BillSoc rulers fly private to Epstein's island.

4th Stage Imperialism has done well. And, as an aside, in the old days we knew who they were, they were accountable to an extent and tied to the land. I have sympathy with that governance, ideally. But now? Who are these people?

The light's beginning to shine. Nooses down the Mall. Remember this?