Thursday, October 25, 2018

Bombs Everywhere!

Everywhere you turn, a new bomb; it's getting hard to move without falling over a random bomb, just ask Robert De Nero.  So where do they all come from?

Who sent the bombs?

Why did they send them?

Will the deluge of bombs never end?

What evil would turn people into crazed bombers?

Disturbing, isn't it.

Time to call in the bomb squad!

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LL said...

There's a rotting fish in the center of this wave of bombs that were sent and didn't kill anyone.

The Postal Inspection Service is quite good (unlike the FBI) and I'm sure that they'll get to the bottom of this...and yes, likely a Democrat.

LindaG said...

Haha. That is my guess, too.

Mike_C said...

I have no personal experience with Pillsbury pizza-crust-in-a-tube, but to be fair, if it's anything like those biscuits-in-a-tube that Juliette seems to like, they WILL go off with quite a bang.

BTW: "bad orang man" run through Google's Indonesian-to-English translator comes out as "bad man man". Dunno why that strikes me as funny. The <3h sleep last night probably explains most of it.

Jim said...

A little too convenient with the timing here.

LSP said...

It reeks, LL, at least to me and millions of others. Embarrassing to think that the Posties would be more competent than the FBI.

But ffs, the Dems left their name all over the bombs. Like, DON'T PUT YOUR NAME on the RETURN LABEL.

You could teach these fools a thing or two, obviously. I see a lucrative consultancy.

LSP said...

Linda, they really need to consult their PRs.

LSP said...

I haven't tried weaponized Pillsbury, Mike C, but it's tempting. Juliette threatens to cook up a batch, let's see.

"Bad orang man man"? Just laughed!

LSP said...

Ain't it just, Jim.

Fredd said...

Naw, not a Democrat. This has the markings of a Democratic Socialist (yes, there's a difference; Bernie supporters are dumber). James Hodgekinson (the baseball field killer) was a Bernie guy, and this smecks of his mindset. Although ol' Jimbo would have put a blasting cap and timer in them), but the sentiment is similar.

RHT447 said...

Off topic. Saw this over at Wirecutter's place.