Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bombs Away!

Everywhere you turn there's a pipe bomb, it's like it's raining pipe bombs, you have to step over them just to cross the road.

Maxine Waters got two, Obama got one, Soros got one and Hillary got one, delivered to Chappaqua no less. CNN got one too, intended for the nation's favorite ex CIA Muslim supremo, John Brennan. And Cuomo, don't forget him! He got a pipe bomb as well, like everyone else.

Did any of the bombs work? No, and the one intended for CNN had a digital clock which cunningly didn't have an alarm. Perhaps that bomb was going to be detonated by telepathy.

The same kind of telekenesis, perhaps, that's driving a Caravan of, ahem, immigrants to the border right at election time. Psi Power's a remarkable thing, eh?

But we have to ask, why is Debbie Wasserman Schultz sending all these hoax bombs to her lib elite cabal friends?  It's not like she even tried to hide it, there's her return address right on the false flag fakey bomb parcel.

Is this some kind of internicene Illuminati civil war? Has Debbie finally had enough of  the Puppetmaster, Mad Max, the Old Crone, Jihad Brennan and the Magic O himself? 

And let's be clear, Debbie couldn't have delivered all of the bombs herself, she has to have had help. Leaving aside Corey Booker, here they are.

The Grey Army! Terrifying, isn't it. Maybe Debbie, Corey and their urban guerilla cadre will rescue the blue wave and sweep the Party into power.

In the meanwhile, Dems, listen up. DON'T, do not put your name and ADDRESS on the return label.

Bombs away,



drjim said...

They couldn't possibly have been sent from any "right wing domestic terrorist" group.

They would have gone off......

Adrienne said...

We have officially entered the twilight zone, LSP.

And how about Bobbie de Niro? Pick me, pick me. I want a bomb too.


Infidel de Manahatta said...

I'm shocked. Shocked. SHOCKED that you would be so cynical to suggest that these bombs were planted by Democrats.

We as serfs need to be deferential to our masters. Do not criticize Democrats. Perhaps by doing so the glorious dew of their benevolence will shine upon us.

Jim said...

Yuppers. Proof positive that those nasty ol' right wingers are violent, unlike that nice Bernie supporter.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

+1 drjim

LSP said...

drjim, you have a point.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I think MillSoc Bobby got TWO.And if not, why not?

But seriously, the arena's deranged.

LSP said...



LSP said...

I'll 2nd that, WSF.

Dammit, just tripped over a pipe bomb. They're everywhere!