Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Some say that Halloween is Satan's birthday but it's not, it's All Hallows Eve or the Eve of All Saints. This means that kids get to run around dressed as goblins and ask for candy before they're vanquished by the saints the next day.

Here at the Compound we're all in favor of the celebration but don't make the bad mistake of giving the little trick-or-treaters comsymp, globalist, NWO, Illuminati cabal ice cream. It's not good for them. Give the young 'uns a tasty pez instead.

Speaking of Halloween, it used to be customary for people to play games of divination and attempt to foretell the future. How will that turn out?

We know the broad sweep of things, the forces of hell are defeated by the hosts of heaven. Such is the ultimate end but in the midterm, someone please lock her up.

Out Demons Out,



LL said...

Pelosi has vowed to impeach President Trump for something (or anything) once she has regained power. It remains to be seen how stupid (or wise) the voters are.

The Day of the Dead has passed. Rejoice.

Adrienne said...

I was out and about yesterday (Wed) and other than sales peeps being dressed up and a party for the little ones at the library, there didn't seem to be a lot of interest in Halloween.

Happy All Saints Day, LSP. I'm going to 12:15 Mass instead of the 6:30 pm sung Mass. Why? Because (whiny voice here), having to drive home at 8 pm or so is just sooooo late. Holy moly - I remember when my evenings out didn't even start until 10 pm.

Jim said...

I see that ice cream is an actual flavor(pecan resist). Politicizing ice cream. Now THAT'S unamerican!