Tuesday, November 27, 2018

State Religion Goes Dhimmwit In Blackburn

If you're a state religion, like the Church of England, it'd be a bit odd if your teaching didn't mirror the state's. Which is awesome as long as the state's Christian, but what happens when it isn't?

Imagine a mythical country where everyone thinks you can change your biologically given gender at will and that anything less is an attack on freedom. 

The freedom to be what you wanna be regardless of your chromosomes. Sure, you've still got to slave away at the cubicle for the Man but you can do it in a frock, because now you're free.

OK. The State Church supports this in our imaginary country and starts telling its few believers that there's no such thing as the fatherhood of God and gets rid of all his oppressive personal pronouns. Boom. Liberty at last.

Now take this small thought experiment a step further.  Say you live in a small town, let's call it Blackburn, where 25% of its 100+k population are Muslim and you decide to hold an "anti war mass" on Armistice Day eve. What happens?

Being a reflection of the state of things, an imam gets up during the beautifully pacifist liturgy and incites Jihad with the Muslim call to prayer or Adhan, thus claiming the cathedral for Islam. 

Speech, as it were, notoriously enacts and there it is, a once Christian cathedral becomes a mosque in the imaginary land of the dhimmwits.

You can read all about this make believe scenario here. The Archbishop of Canterbury's preference for a genderless God is as well known as his love for chinos.

Good luck, CofE,



LL said...

The archbishop would be pounding nails into the Old Rugged Cross if he was alive at the crucifixion. He's that sort of cur.

RHT447 said...

Appreciate your keeping us up to speed, LSP.

Yeesh. Now I have the urge to go shower. Think I'll go load some ammo instead. Have this nagging feeling I might need it.

Anonymous said...

Still awaiting the Mass in a Mosque - isn't that true 'diversity'?

LSP said...

We have to ask, LL, how much faith do these people actually have?

LSP said...

Sorry, RHT, but it's all true. Load on.

LSP said...

Anon, diversity is a one way street, surely you know this.

Report yourself, IMMEDIATELY.