Thursday, November 8, 2018


I won't lie, it's raining like fury and it's been doing that all day. Obviously the Weather's revenge for the great state of Texas kicking the new messiah god king, Beto, to the curb.

Our common enemy, the Weather, didn't enjoy the spectacle of its millionaire socialist ally being left behind like Satan's discarded toy. So it's trying to drown us out.

The Enemy Looms

But we're not worried, we've faced off against the Weather before and we'll do it again, no matter how hard it tries to force us to become mindless socialist drones of the Illuminati hive mind.

Speaking of which, the Democrats are trying to steal elections in Florida and Arizona. For that matter, they're trying to steal the entire process of suffrage through open border immigration. And all in the name of tolerance, openness, freedom from tyranny and, you know, enlightenment.

She Broke Her Ribs

The calculus goes something like this. We hate the West and its people, so we destroy its hateful families, religion and culture and replace it with something else, namely immigrants from our former colonies. And guess what? They vote for us, unlike the people we've displaced.

Then, goal achieved, our ruling tech, political and celeb elite can kick back in their private islands' infinity pools while everyone else looks out at the awesomeness of their shack before psyching up to work in an Amazon warehouse.

I Will Give You My Ribs, Mistress!

But hey, that warehouse employment policy is trans inclusive so don't worry, workers, you're living in a utopian paradise.

In other news, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) has broken its ribs and landed in hospital, provoking Alyssa Milano to offer her ribs to keep the ancient Justice running.

Surely this doesn't augur another SCOTUS vacancy for the hated Orangeman to fill?



LL said...

Heavy insight - poignant analysis.

It's time for President Trump to select RBG's replacement (even if she's not dead and didn't retire). Liberal heads would explode.

LSP said...

Can you imagine, LL? Yes, of course you can. A kind of freakout handmaids tale cozplay on the steps of the Capitol.

Bring it on.

Adrienne said...

Broken ribs when your RBG's age is pretty serious - in particular since she has a "cold" also. I'm wondering how a person can fall in their office and end up with broken ribs. There's something not being told.

LindaG said...

God's will be done, is all I keep reminding myself.
He is the only one who can stop the cheaters.

LSP said...

I wondered about that too, Adrienne. Mind you, RBG is ancient and brittle, she could easily have fallen asleep and landed hard against the arm of her chair on the way to the ground.

Picture the mindwarping insanity if she's replaced. The world WILL END.

LSP said...

Linda, there's a reckoning coming on that score.