Saturday, November 3, 2018

Get Out And Shoot

For a shooter you sure don't seem to shoot much, so-called "LSP." Good point, I hear the criticism, it's constructive. To put things right I loaded some guns into the rig and headed off for the country.

That journey took all of 10 minutes and there it was, the sylvan path to the glory that is rounds down range. I always think there'll be some kind of random game on this trail and a shot of opportunity but there never is, so far.

Instead, there was a mass tangle of fallen trees and brush blocking the path, the weather's been fierce here. I scouted it out; there wasn't a way to get clear short of a chainsaw and I wasn't going to risk the truck in the waterlogged clay of the fields. It's embarrassing to ask people to pull you out, so I parked up and walked in.

The grass was high, the sky was big and the shooting house had been blown over by tornado force wind. Whatever, I set up at the bench with a Desmond, a  Glock and a carbine.

First things first, the plates took a beating, so did the soda cans and, in the end, some reactive targets someone had left behind. At first I was shooting ironically high left, but sorted it out when I remembered the Desmond Tutu was zeroed at 100 yards and I was shooting at 50.

Tutu over, it was time to give the .45 a spin and it did famously, the elegant, workmanlike simplicity of Austrian engineering swinging the plates like fury. Satisfying. But what about the AR?

This one's a hybrid, an ancient CMMG lower and BCG married to a Bison Arms Barrel, Fortis lightweight hand guard, topped off with a cheap Primary Arms red dot. 

Odds and ends by Magpul. Well, the little beast shot like a champ, I was pleased.

Then it was time to head back to the Compound after an armed stroll through the grassy plains and big sky of Texas.

Gun rights,



Jim said...

Shooting is good for the soul, as well as practical preparation for troubled times. I'll be working the local range today. This time of year we're pretty busy with deer hunters zeroing their rifles, but perhaps if things slow down a bit I'll get a chance to send a few rounds downrange.

Jules said...

Nicely done, LSP. We had a shooting in our little town last night. 2-4-1 cocktails followed by an armed motorcyclist. How odd.

LL said...

The weather was titanic in TX. You must not have paid the tax. You compensated by shooting well, to earn your DLC Distinguished Expert Medal all over again.

LSP said...

Juliette, I'm sorry to hear that and hope there wasn't some kind of correlation between the twofer and the shooter. Whatever, yet another reason for England's tyrannous gun laws to be changed. Free citizens are able to defend themselves, sometimes with a .38 Special, sometimes with a .45. There's no "rule."

LSP said...

I got into my stride as the afternoon progressed, LL and was pleased with my pistol and carbine shooting. The Desmond? Not so much. Note the group in the 1st target infographic -- great little group but... badly left of center.

Of course I blame the Weather, which was titanic and gusted my aim high left. Still, compensation helped. Should probably re-zero the little beast this week.

Still, I managed to qualify, again. So that's alright.

LSP said...

Jim, I totally agree, shooting's important and I need to do more of it. Saying that, good luck at the range.

Tell those hunters to get their act together quickly so you can have a go. Better yet, make your OWN RANGE. Or borrow someone else's -- I'm spoiled that way, though the weather's made a mess of it this last month. Just you and guns and fire at will. I love that.