Thursday, November 15, 2018


Do you want to be the slave of an unelected, hyper wealthy, trans euro, secularist elite ruling out of Brussels or would you rather be free? Do you want to be a sovereign Great Britain, an independent nation or would you rather be a subset drone of the MillSoc EU hivemind?

Bob Geldof

That was the question and the UK voted against Bob Geldof and for sovereignty. Then it passed the reins over to Theresa May and the, ahem, Conservatives to work it out. May, you might remember, was all in favour of staying in the European Union but pledged herself to following through on the will of the people.

Theresa May

Then she didn't, unsurprisingly, and produced a plan which keeps the UK in the EU Customs Union and unable to operate an independent trade policy. 

Now she's facing a revolt as Cabinet Ministers resign and members of the self-described Conservative Party mutiny against May's seemingly traitorous leadership.


Get out of the EU, voted the people. Not so fast, working class serfs, said Brussels and its friends in London, and now what? Good question but don't pretend the Left's about democracy, they're about power and keeping it.

That was thwarted in the US in 2016 and they've been wailing, thrashing, shrieking, clawing and hyperventilating ever since. So let's see if May's party is actually capable of doing what the UK majority asked it to do. If not, that same majority might have something to say.


And by way of aside, I was at a party in London years ago and there was a man with a red briefcase at the kitchen table. 

"I say," remarked LSP, Lanson in hand, "Are you something to do with the government?" My new friend swiveled 'round and said, famously, "I'm a Cabinet Minister. That's why I have this red briefcase."

Well, you'd better add some value then, hadn't you.



LL said...

If I buy a red briefcase, can I be a cabinet minister in the UK?

If I buy a fancy one can I be prime minister?

Ok, I don't know if that's how it works, but I see a political future for myself and naturally, I'd expect to remodel 10 Downing St. to my own personal tastes. The Dallas Light Cavalry will be promoted to "household" status.

Anonymous said...

A Labour Cabinet Minister or a Conservative?

LSP said...

LL, I see a bright political future on the horizon. First things first, get briefcase (red), then remodel the appalling 10DS. Sit back and bask in Imperial Glory as the DLC parades to the delight and wonderment of the people.

Bread and circuses? No, this is about results.


LSP said...

I sense a vote of no confidence coming on, Anon.