Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Celine Dion Goes Devil Witch

When you think "Celine Dion," if you ever do, you probably don't think satanic devil witch but maybe you should. 

The famous popstar's launched a line of gender neutral kid's clothes, NuNuNu packaged as Celinununu, because children obviously need to be freed from oppressive binary gender stereotypes.

Here's a few snapshots from Celinununu's promovid.

The singer walks into a maternity ward and doesn't like what she sees, boys and girls separated according to biological gender. Poor infants! So she changes this soul crushing injustice by blowing magic dust around and makes everything better. See for yourself.

Now boys and girls are gone, they're plus signs in a colorless black and white world because that's so liberating. And not just for the kids, look at all the black demons sitting up in the cribs. They've been freed from the Pit to play with the babies. Here's one, look how happy it is.

This baby's wearing a black skull beanie because putting death symbols on your infants is entirely appropriate when they're genderless drones of the New Order.

But don't forget this isn't really Celine's work, she's just endorsing NuNuNu, which has this totally unsuggestive photo on its web site. And here's another one, expressing the innocent joy of childhood.

In case you're wondering, NuNuNu's Instagram account's pretty instructive too and not even remotely satanic.

Hollywood and Devil Witch Celine Dion love NuNuNu, a clothing line which obviously loves children. 




LL said...

I'm sorry (dreadfully sorry) that I'm not the least bit surprised that Celine Dion is a witch. It explains so much.

Witches/Satanists (Which includes Hillary and crew and Ocassio Cortez) all want to damage children or sacrifice them to Satan, etc. It's simply what they do. Dressing children up in little androgynous costumes and trying to deny who they are is par for the course. The only thing that can distract them (temporarily) is if you sacrifice a chicken under a full moon. They'll cover themselves in its blood and will immediately begin to fornicate with each other. But before long, their feeble minds go back to the necessary destruction of innocent children by whatever means available. Killing them in utero is particularly joyous to them. There are a LOT of witches in planned parenthood.

The Bible cautions us about them.

Adrienne said...

She went quickly off the reservation when her husband died. If people are so stupid to buy that very over priced crap, well - so be it.

RHT447 said...

This is evil. The evil one preys on the weak.

My anger eclipses my vocabulary (but not my aim).

I am close to a situation of neglect. A teenage brother and sister, failing grades, low body weight, home alone, etc. Fortunately, a very strong effort is underway to gain custody and get them into a healthy environment.

LSP said...

LL, you recall what the Good Book says. Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. And no wonder, look what they do to babies.

Some say that nununu = 666 in kabbalist gematria.

Does Nu, Crowley's goddess in the Book of the Law, support Planned Parenthood? Does the Vatican cover up satanic clergy pedos?

Perhaps Celine's unaware of this.

LSP said...

She doesn't seem very happy, Adrienne, despite all those cheery plus signs.

LSP said...

I'll pray for the intention, RHT.

Aim true.

LindaG said...

I am not missing anything by never having seen the commercial.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you all.

Jules said...

Oh, what a load of utter bollocks! These people are deranged and Celine can do one. Idiot.

I despair. All proper girls like dressing up in petticoats and finery with rouched puff shoulders! Not bloody horrible black-non-gender onesies!

LSP said...

Linda,some things are better left unwatched.

LSP said...

Maybe I'm wrong, Juliette, but puff shoulders have their place. On women.

I think Celine went unhinged when her partner/husband died. But still, why go full devil witch with the grief? Abbaddon's not going to make you feel better, for goodness sake. So -- leave demonolatry behind, sell your faux Versailles in Florida, buy a REAL castle in Ireland, give 10% to the Church and feel much better.

Brenton Davis said...

I'm glad Goths keep scaring Christians even today. Good to know that the more the world changes the more it stays the same, now time to go listen to some rock music and kiss a dude.

Anonymous said...

NUNUNU = 666

LSP said...

I'm partial to a bit of math, Anon.

Unknown said...

Breaks my heart. Love her voice. She was set up from the get go and in trying to take care of family, got suckerpunched, sold out, set up, lied to, brainwashed, implanted, electric shock therapy, blood sacrifices, miscarriages, became a human chalice