Friday, November 30, 2018

Climate Change Settled Science

"You see, the government needs money, huge amounts of it 
just to stay alive in the elite luxury they're accustomed to. 
Penthouse apartments on the Champs Elysee 
and Mews getaways in Knightsbridge don't come cheap." LSP

And that's just it, like Mars needs women the government needs cash, lots of it, and the only way it can get it is by taking it from you with the threat of force. The fly in the ointment, currently, is that our elected officials are just that, elected, and raising the levy doesn't sit well with the voters. So what to do?

Introduce a tax that isn't a tax, a stealth tax dressed up in terms that appeal to the demographically ascendant Woodstock generation. A tax that says pay this or fragile planet earth will be destroyed and goddess Gaia with it! Then watch the mug punter hippies climb aboard and agree to give the government more money. Heck, they can afford it, in between lattes.

Unless they're French, in which case they're rioting and burning cars in downtown Paris over the hated faux Napoleon Macron's tax on deisel. All in the name of stopping Climate Change, aka the weather, but really about giving the Rothschild's puppet government moar money. 

The serfs don't like that and the gloves are off. Don't use our old enemy, The Weather, as an excuse to raise taxes, contemptible Macron. But here's the thing.

Like all right thinking people I scorn big government and its insatiable demand for money it hasn't earned. It reeks of despotism, tyranny and corruption and the larger the more so. But as a sportsman who loves the countryside, I hate pollution.

So why can't the government be honest and appeal for funds to stop the scourge of plastic in our oceans and the destruction of nature. Why? Because honesty isn't in it. Our transnational, private island overlords don't care about pollution, much less the weather, and aren't about to spend your cash on putting that right. But they do want an excuse to get your money, they always want moar. It defines them.

Regardless of the dishonesty, which is hateful, we're in for another Ice Age because the Sun's had enough of being hot. Smart people are getting their bob sleds ready for runs across a frozen English Channel and a disarmed populace.

Don't say loot,



LindaG said...

I can't go to England; but I can cheer you all on. :)

LL said...

What will happen when the Big Apple is under a thousand feet of ice? Will the progressives still tax us to prevent global warming or will they declare success?

LindaG said...

They'll probably tax us to get rid of the ice age...

LSP said...

We'll share the spoils, Linda.

LindaG said...

Jelly Babies would be welcome, Parson, thank you! :)

LSP said...

LL, they'll push for a tax on ice because the warmer it is the colder it gets. Settled science.

LindaG said...

Haha. That's what I said, too.
It only makes sense after all. Well, to them, anyway. :)

Old NFO said...

Just remember- Loot, THEN pillage, THEN burn... sigh

LSP said...

I do like a jelly baby now and again, Linda. Don't worry, we'll save some!

LSP said...

Thank you NFO, attention to detail's key and someone's got to keep an eye on things. Normally that'd be RHSM Ragnar, but he gets... excited.