Saturday, December 1, 2018

Four Season's Greetings

Yes, the Four Seasons and I liked it a lot, perhaps because it's less expensive than its sisters in other parts of the world. At this local branch of the franchise, chicken Quesadillas only cost $8.00 as opposed to $18.00 and guess what, they're just as tasty.

Conversation was good too, ranging from dog training, night vision systems, hay bale house construction and off-grid living, to pistol shooting and theology. Everyone agreed that liberal clergypersons had no business spreading their vapid wizardry and that "city priests" had no business in the country.

A Typical City Priest

"But I'm a city priest," I announced proudly, and the former head of Dallas SWAT took a bite of his steak, "You're different." Well he had a point and ten years of living, riding, shooting, hunting and fishing in country Texas counts. I wouldn't swap it out for the metrosprawl, that's for sure. 

Saying that, I miss London, pubs, butchers, book shops, the French House in Soho and all kinds of things about England. That said, Texas has frontier spirit. Don't ever scorn it.

The Lights Are Going on all Over Texas

By the time I got back to the heart of this thriving rural metropolis, the lights were on in the square.

Season's Greetings,



LL said...

I see that Hillsboro has "Season's Greetings" displayed instead of "Merry Christmas". There are a lot of Quaanza celebrants in Hillsboro. Maybe it makes them happy?

LindaG said...

Sadly, the England you miss doesn't exist any more, Parson. Just like the California my husband and I enjoyed (Regan as governor) doesn't exist any more.

But I say Merry Christmas, and someone thanked me for that today. :)

If I remember right, there was a Four Seasons restaurant on Kadena Air Base Okinawa that had pretty good food, too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Linda, Tyson Fury showed the World that we can still pick ourselves up off the canvas when everyone thinks we are done.

LSP said...

Hmmmm. Quaanza's the very best of feasts, LL.

LSP said...

Linda, I think you'd like it out here because it's country. No or very little bs, aside from country stunts which... ok, I won't go down that rabbit hole. That said, I'll wager the fighting monkey on the Kadena 4 Seasons being better than our local variant. Speaking of which, I ate sushi at the Park one in London years ago for the first time and liked it. Wasn't paying, thank God.

LSP said...

Anon, it's not over till it's over. Rule Britannia.