Wednesday, December 26, 2018


After visiting the sick I braved the Christmas day death trap that is I35N to Dallas.


The table was laid, a turkey was resting, champagne was flowing.


There were presents around the tree.


Blue Predator was relegated to the back hall so he couldn't eat the presents.

Rabble Rousers

And everyone feasted.





LL said...

What a delightful table. Its a pity that so few of your readers have eaten at your mother's table. She's a very gracious hostess, a wonderful cook and it looks as though your family and invited guests all really enjoyed themselves. Except for Blue Devourer, who has a track record of shame around pies and delicious food.

And I'm glad that BW's new friend behaved himself.

LindaG said...


LSP said...

LL, Blue Voracious was relegated to the back and BW's friend had to cross over the gate to get to the bathroom. "Look limber, old boy," I told him encouragingly, "He bites." Well, everything worked out well and it was a beautiful feast.

Hope all worked out to best benefit at Castle Wolf!

LSP said...

Merry Christmas, Linda! Hope you had the best time.