Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tree Wrangling

In the olden days, which I can just remember, you didn't decorate your tree until Christmas Eve but that's changed now. We went looking for trees in Dallas on Monday with a view to getting the job done. 

First stop? Lowes, and I'll be honest, their selection was rubbish. Home Depot was better and we found a tree without too much hassle; a bit on the small side but it'd do. 


Back at HQ the tree went obediently into its stand and there it was, a Christmas tree in a stand, looking annoyingly short. "I have to say, it looks a bit dam short," I told Ma LSP, who suggested we raise it on some kind of platform. But we didn't, the Angel would make it taller perhaps.


It helped, along with lights and ornaments which glittered and gleamed like Christmas is supposed to do. Blue ADC did his bit to help, which mostly involved sleeping at guard and that seemed homely and somehow reassuring. 

All Lit Up

Dog and Christmas tree, sort of thing. A few hours later the tree seemed pretty much there, so we moved outside and lit up the front.

Getting There

Good work and well done, team, you've put up Christmas or most of it anyway. Mission accomplished, we fell back to the kitchen and celebrated the victory. For Blue Voracious that meant treats, well deserved. 

And that readers, all six of you, is the story of that. If you're a Puritan you'll disapprove because you think Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of Christ, is pagan, popish idolatry. Long story short, no, it isn't.

God bless,



LL said...

That's a beautiful tree. Tell your mother that I said hi. Great lady.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Looking good!
Tree looks right sized, but i'm not from Texas.
My boys and I came home years ago from visiting friends.
The tree in the picture window was gone!
The dog really liked it.

Adrienne said...

Your tree looks beautiful, LSP. My mom always told me that when she grew up there was not a hint of Christmas until she got up Christmas morning. Grandma would do the tree on Christmas Eve after they went to bed. I used to put mine up the weekend closest to Christmas. This year it went up on December 1st.

I didn't realize you had a porte-cochère on your house or a coffered ceiling in your living room. I want your house!

LSP said...

Thanks, LL and I'll be sure to pass that on. She's intrigued by the WWM!

LSP said...

The tree worked out in the end, Ed. I think the lights raised it somehow.

Years ago, in Calgary, we had these white dove ornaments. They looked good, especially to the cat...

LSP said...

We've followed the same pattern Adrienne. Seems a bit early but it's good to have it all done.

But the house is my mom's! Mine's a bit older and smaller but with a larger porch. I put up some lights but do the tree thing in Dallas, which is fun.

Jules said...

How very glorious. I'm all for getting your tree up as soon as possible. Far too much effort for just 12 days. Get a good old month out of it!

LSP said...

I think it looks good, Jules!

Adrienne said...

Okay - that explains why "your" little side brick thingys on either side of the stairs was missing. I'm easily confused. I still want your house though, but I'll settle for mom's house (and she has to leave that adorable little desk - or she can just live with me.)

LSP said...

It's very confusing, Adrienne, because the houses do look similar. I like my porch better, though, and the downstairs ceilings are higher, which is important. But hers is larger with a good sized kitchen and a garden house. Handy.

I'll tell my mom you're planning to move in.

Adrienne said...

She'll love me. Like........what's not to love?

LSP said...

I know you'll get along well, it's a given!