Friday, December 7, 2018

Remember Pearl Harbor

Remember Pearl Harbor and remember too, that like Hitler, the Japanese didn't think Americans had the stomach for a fight. They were wrong.

The Chinese might think the same today as they expand into the Pacific; one part of a broader attempt to achieve imperial status, and you can't blame them. 

Past US administrations were in the habit of bowing to the Chicom mandarins, whether literally or otherwise. Which brings us to the elite globalists in charge of Europe.

They figured they had the indigenous populace down, that the people were tame to being transformed into a third world workforce. And, like the Japanese vision of America on December 7 1941, were too degenerate and ignorant to fight back.

You can see why this crew of malfeasants thought like this, all the evidence pointed that way. Until it didn't. The Rising Sun didn't look so bright on VJ Day, 2 September 1945, Trump doesn't bow to China and the French are rising up against their elitist, NWO rulers.

Who'd have thought it. America was safely in the Illuminati Sac Magique, Hillary was going to win and France, right in the heartland of the neo-lib project was safely in the rainbow wheelie. But no. 

Pay-to-Play Hillary didn't get elected and the French are busy firebombing tax collection offices while Macron's deploying armored vehicles in Paris. But here's a question. 

What side of the equation do the people who enforce the government's dictates side with, where do they come from; the people who go to cocktail parties at G-20, Davos and Georgetown or somewhere else?

If I was Macron or May I'd be scared, right about now. Stay tuned for peasants' revolts in the UK and everywhere else.

Peace and Love,



LL said...

If Hillary won, we'd be the French today. There is one difference. We have well over 100 million firearms and over 23 trillion rounds in civilian hands. Which explains why our betters, the globalists would like to see them all be seized.

LSP said...

I was thinking exactly that, LL. Btw, they've been shooting out traffic cams in France which is weird coz there's no guns.

Good luck, Macron.

LL said...

It must be the Swiss. They're armed to the teeth. They take a train down, shoot out French traffic signals for shits and giggles and then go home.

Adrienne said...

Have they started erecting guillotines yet?

When people think of the French they imagine wine, cheese, and skinny women. They need to read up on the French Revolution.

RHT447 said...

Some history--

LSP said...

Excellent history lesson, RHT! And I'd forgotten the Miss. Bubble How will we account for the Debtstar today?

Will we drill/grow our way out of it? Inflate our way out? Or willeveryone wake up one day and discover their money's worthless and then riot.

I'm inclined towards the last and a reset with an end to fiat.

LSP said...

That, Adrienne, is an excellent point. Stay tuned for England as well.

LSP said...

LL, the Swiss seem pretty together, has to be said.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

What is happening in Europe is child's play compared to what will happen here if Trump is impeached.

Stock up on canned goods and horde your ammunition. Civil war is on the way.

LSP said...

Infidel, I couldn't agree more. On all counts. But let's hope wiser heads prevail and war's averted, not that I'll stop stockpiling ammo and keeping the pantry up to date.