Friday, December 28, 2018


The best thing about Islam is that it's so liberal and feminist, go ask all the wymmyn it liberates, or kills. And that's what it is with Sharia, empowering. See Linda Sarsour.

Serious question, when will these people wake up? In the meanwhile, don't fear the reaper.

Your Old Pal,



Kid said...

Women supporting islam. Nothing more obtuse and insane.

LL said...

I suspect that while those women were being tortured and raped, but before they were beheaded, that they feared the reaper. Now, they're ok.

Was there ever a bloodier cult than Islam?

Was there ever a more stupid and feckless group of morons than the progressive movement that we see in the West?

I've heard reports from Germany that some Germans are not happy with the million or so military age, unemployed, Muslim men who arrived as 'guests' from the filthy sewers that they lived in. Rape in Germany, Sweden and so many other welcoming countries is off the scale, but it's politically incorrect to report it, because the suspects are Muslims.

Jim said...

Some people never learn. Attitudes are different in the third world. Life is cheap and women are mostly chattels. The people listed in the video were likely very nice people who wished to do good, but their lives were wasted. A real shame.

Adrienne said...

There's a reason Prudence is a virtue.