Thursday, December 20, 2018

Peace is Flowing

Do you recall Gulf War I, 1990-91? When Bush the Elder launched against Saddam? You may have forgotten but I remember because I called up several pals in the UK at the onset of hostilities and asked if they'd had their "call-up papers." It went like this.

"Hey man, you had your papers yet?"
"You know, call-up papers. They're drafting anyone under the age of 40 with military service."
"You gotta be kidding."
"No I'm not. I got mine yesterday, have to report to Depot Lichfield next week. It's really serious."
"What the..."
"Hey, kiddng!"

Imagine several people's relief. But seriously, the pathetic comsymp Independent predicted 45,000 allied soldier deaths and all-out Armageddon, along with the rest of the leftist media. Point being, they were pacifists and I scorned that. Fast forward to today.


America's been in a state of war for nearly 30 years, fighting continuously in the Middle East and elsewhere. The cost, in terms of lives and money has been horrendous, to say nothing of failed states and the movement of radicalized Muslims into the West.

Military age males?

With that in mind, you'd think the leftist media would applaud Trump making good on his promise to end our involvement in seemingly endless wars. You'd imagine they'd be pleased that we're bringing soldiers home from Syria and Afghanistan. But no, they're not.


The left, which used to be the party of peace, is howling with outrage along with their friends in the GOP. And my question is this.

Since when and why did the, ahem, peace party reinvent itself into a nest of transsexual jingo hawks? I can speculate but I'd welcome your thoughts. 

Going home

In the meanwhile, well done Mr. President for making good on another campaign promise. Check out LL here for a great Syria briefing.

Peace is flowing like a river,



Kid said...

moslem vermin love to die for allah, But if we had nuked mecca and medina on 9-12-2001, we wouldn't be having these problems today. We made Truman's mistake once again.

In addition to that fictional action, we would have installed the Wheel of Retribution in the Oval Office and made a Constitutional Amendment to make the use of it non-negotiable and unavoidable.

Its operation is as follows: Any time a terrorist attack results in even one person dying or being attacked with lethal force in a Civilized Country by an islamic vermin, the President of the USA will spin the Wheel of Retribution - that contains the names of every city in every majority islamic country. Whichever city it stops on will receive a total destruction Nuklar blast within 24 hours.

The islamics will be reduced to tents and camels in no time at all.

LL said...

I was called up on active duty during Operation Desert Shield/Storm/Saber and served as an officer in the Gulf, in combat. When the war ended and Iraq retreated back under the rock that they crawled out of, the war ended and I went back to my regular job at the District Attorney's Office. We have the capacity to end wars and send people home, but there are people who like endless war (see Afghanistan and Vietnam) and those things never end well.

Anonymous said...

The Kurdish cause is deeply popular with the Western left because of the Kurds leftist orientation. As LL points out this emotional response is not grounded in reality. Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey all have substantial Kurdish populations and none are prepared to cede territory to create a Kurdish state and the west is not in a position to impose a new state on the region. Many who have worked with the Kurds will feel that they are abandoning their allies. The Kurds have large exile communities in every western European nation who will loudly protest the withdrawal. The leftist will use this as a stick to beat President Trump. However, the establishment of a Kurdish State was not the mission. With the ISIS threat in Syria now contained, its final defeat will see the dispersal of the remaining ISIS militants across the globe. They are not going to retire into obscurity and take up golf. It will therefore be necessary to redeploy US military assets to deal with the new fronts that ISIS will try to open outside of the Levant. Tying down some of the best assets the US has holding real estate in Syria is a misuse of these forces. The war against the Salafists and Wahhabists of ISIS and their ilk is not going to stop regardless of whether the US is in Syria or Afghanistan or anywhere else. Peace I am afraid aint going to happen, we are in a forever War because we are at War with an idea. Nuking cities will not stop an idea, Hellfire missiles are not going to stop an idea. Only better ideas can destroy bad ones. The West's abandonment of its better ideas and the principles that underpin those ideas is the largest single obstacle to successfully defeat ISIS and their fellow travelers. ISIS's best allies are those in the West who wish to destroy the ideals and principles upon which Western Civilization has been built. Until the West reengages with the ideals and principles that made Western Civilization, victory in the War of Ideas will not be possible.

LSP said...

Kid, I sympathize with the Wheel of Retribution method. But maybe instead of the nuclear option we could deploy Rods from God?

LSP said...

I was in favor of GW1, LL and #2. With hindsight, I think I was wrong about #2. And I'm with you, we need to be out of Syria and Afghanistan.

That doesn't mean we need to withdraw from space. Different story altogether.

LSP said...

Anon, I totally agree and viz the war of ideas, I think things will have to get worse before they better. Perhaps we saw that in Russia. 1000 churches a year...

Adrienne said...

Anon said: Until the West reengages with the ideals and principles that made Western Civilization, victory in the War of Ideas will not be possible.


That is all...

Fredd said...

The Deep State (mostly leftists, but not all) opposes anything that Trump supports. Period. If he is for the sun coming up in the east, the Deep State will lobby support for changing things to a western sunrise.

The Deep State hates Donald Trump to the bone. To the marrow. They will do anything to see him destroyed, even if that involves taking the whole country down with him. They are fine with that.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

This is, hopefully, just the first step. Next up: Get out of Afghanistan. (And everywhere else.)

I'm turning into an isolationist. Let the rest of the world burn. I'm tired of being the welfare and security provider for these idiots.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Always be careful of the fights you join. Seems we have a leader who understand that.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I was struck by the truth of that.

LSP said...

It's apocalyptic but yes, Fredd, I'd say you're right. Stand by for the market collapsing.

LSP said...

Infidel, I'm increasingly with you on that and to be fair, to be a good empire you have to have something good worth exporting. Rome had it and so did Britain, and we have? Plenty.

Fast food, Hillary and a shaman in every bathroom. To say nothing of decaying strip malls. I don't like this alchemy.