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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Peace is Flowing

Do you recall Gulf War I, 1990-91? When Bush the Elder launched against Saddam? You may have forgotten but I remember because I called up several pals in the UK at the onset of hostilities and asked if they'd had their "call-up papers." It went like this.

"Hey man, you had your papers yet?"
"You know, call-up papers. They're drafting anyone under the age of 40 with military service."
"You gotta be kidding."
"No I'm not. I got mine yesterday, have to report to Depot Lichfield next week. It's really serious."
"What the..."
"Hey, kiddng!"

Imagine several people's relief. But seriously, the pathetic comsymp Independent predicted 45,000 allied soldier deaths and all-out Armageddon, along with the rest of the leftist media. Point being, they were pacifists and I scorned that. Fast forward to today.


America's been in a state of war for nearly 30 years, fighting continuously in the Middle East and elsewhere. The cost, in terms of lives and money has been horrendous, to say nothing of failed states and the movement of radicalized Muslims into the West.

Military age males?

With that in mind, you'd think the leftist media would applaud Trump making good on his promise to end our involvement in seemingly endless wars. You'd imagine they'd be pleased that we're bringing soldiers home from Syria and Afghanistan. But no, they're not.


The left, which used to be the party of peace, is howling with outrage along with their friends in the GOP. And my question is this.

Since when and why did the, ahem, peace party reinvent itself into a nest of transsexual jingo hawks? I can speculate but I'd welcome your thoughts. 

Going home

In the meanwhile, well done Mr. President for making good on another campaign promise. Check out LL here for a great Syria briefing.

Peace is flowing like a river,


Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Remember the fallen and while you're at it, spare a thought for towns like Itasca, Texas, with a population of around 1,600 people. That's their War Memorial above, with the last marker reserved for the Gulf War and Iraq. I think Afghanistan has been added.

My photo from 2009. I think Afghanistan's been added -- I may be wrong.

There's a lot of names.

If you're not moved and perhaps unsettled by that, there's something badly wrong with you.

May they Rest in Peace,


Friday, September 18, 2009

More Birds, Less M.O.D.

Hunting Mourning Doves

Walked the tree lines mid-morning in search of birds, flushed several, missed and was surprised when a second group of three or four of the airborne acrobats cunningly flew over me from behind. I was busy reloading and missed the shot, exciting though to get some wing shot action right out of the gate, as it were.

Continued to a small copse in the middle of a large neighbouring field, thinking, "Ah hah, that looks like the sort of small copse they'd like to loaf about in," and sure enough they did. Got off a couple of successful shots then moved down towards the tree line at the bottom of the field - no shortage of flyers but all out of range, so no joy. Then back to the truck to clean the birds and scout about for more - but there didn't seem to be much action and I headed for home. That seemed to stir them up by the score from their lairs at the side of the road, which I cunningly hadn't hunted. I'll know next time (tomorrow); tree lines, small copse, edge of the fields by the road.

On a completely different theme, check out Michael Yon's excellent reporting from Afghanistan, where he's been embedded with various units until the MOD pulled the plug. One thing that struck me, amongst many, was how under resourced the British troops seem to be. I'd say if you're going to fight a war, you should do so to win - otherwise don't fight at all. Just a thought.

God bless,