Monday, December 10, 2018

Get it Together

OK, so you've got these neat metal chairs which belonged to your Great Great Grandmother, and there they sit, restored and gleaming on the newly painted porch. Great result, no doubt about it, but something was missing. A swing.

The swing arrived last week and sat in its box while our old enemy, The Weather, attacked us with an endless barrage of rain. Then it cleared, the climate changed and out came the swing, ready for painting.

Blue Painter

It lay there looking pristine and wooden at the front of the Compound, ready for a light sanding and paint. I opted for cheap white enamel primer & paint spray for the first couple of coats and then Rustoleum's "professional grade" white enamel. That was cheap too, thanks, Walmart.

Typical Texan Street Art

Rustoleum's hi-grade spray paint is apparently tough enough for "industrial applications," so I figured it'd probably do the trick. Time, all three of you who read this engaging mind blog, will tell. And I have to say, spray painting wood takes a while; maybe I should have brushed on the primer. Still, perhaps spray makes for a better finish.

Painted, at Last...

Then it was done. A painted porch swing sitting on its cardboard box in front of the house in the Texan sun, waiting for the paint to do its thing and dry in the marketeers' promised 15 minutes, which it pretty much did.

Well I'll be, There's a Swing on The Porch

Now it's on the porch, suspended by two 10' chains and I thank our ancestors for being wise to high ceilings, it makes a difference.

Rifle to Pot

To celebrate this victory, I broke out a pack of venison sausages from their refrigerated prison, made some batter and put it all together in a heavy metal pot. It'll be toad in the hole in a bit, and goes with onion gravy, delicious.

Porch life,



Undergroundpewster said...

To finish the job properly, you have to paint the porch ceiling sky blue.

LSP said...

Pewster, it's there. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

Old NFO said...

Nice work there LSP! And not bad on the Toad in a hole, either! :-D

Adrienne said...

You painted the ceiling blue??? Yay!

For us Toad in the Hole is a slice of bread with a hole in the center slapped on top of some bacon and an egg put in the hole. If done correctly the whites will seep underneath capturing the bacon and the yoke will stay on top of the hole. Best done over a camp fire at Girl Scout camp.

However, English Toad in the Hole looks intriguing and I may have to try that. Since my Yorkshire pudding was such a culinary masterpiece, I would expect the same from English TitH.

The porch swing looks wonderful, LSP. Maybe in time I may actually get to swing on it.

LL said...

Good job, LSP. A swing on the front porch was lacking. Will Blue Swinger join you while it's in motion?

LSP said...

Thanks, NFO! I have to say, I do like a good TITH, and the porch is starting to look good. The whole thing was getting shabby and I was afraid an historic Texan house would become an historic Texan ruin...

LSP said...

I like the US version, Adrienne, and used to make it for the kids. That said, the UK variant's not bad and VERY simple.

Fry some sausage in a Dutch Oven of some kind, preheat oven to 400, make up YP batter, refrigerate and then, when the sausages are sizzling, pour the batter over the beasts and put it in the oven for 30 or 40 minutes. Boom. Done. So easy, so tasty.

And you're always welcome to enjoy the porch!

LSP said...

I don't know if he'd like that, LL, but he will stand guard for any fried cherry pie that breaks through the perimeter...

Jules said...

What can be better than toad-in-the-hole on a swingy bench on the porch? Nothing. Exceptional job!