Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Dallas Light Cav Rides Against the Turk

Hmmmm, it's the Australians, but you get the drift. Speaking of which, I love running horses, total exhilaration. But imagine doing that in the face machine guns, canon and all the rest.

Over to you, RHSM Ragnar.




LindaG said...

It was like that during the Revolution and the Civil War.
And no, I can't imagine.

LL said...

You can only run a horse so far. They should have assembled and walked the horses (muzzled so that they wouldn't call to each other or to enemy horses) at dawn. When they were 150-200 yards out, begin to canter, charge as they took the camp at first light before the infantry could get into the trenches. Attacking entrenched infantry with horse is very difficult thing to do unless they break before the cavalry hit them. In the case of the Aussies, they were technically dragoons - mounted infantry, who ride to combat and dismount to fight (which is why they carried infantry rifles).

Just my criticism of movie tactics. RHSM out.

LSP said...

Tough stuff, Linda, no doubt about it.

LSP said...

Yes, RHSM.

Walk, trot, canter, CHARGE!