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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Gotta Love The Beatles

Well no, not really, especially when the lovable moptops are a couple of murdering, head chopping Moslem savages. That'd be El-Shafee El-Sheikh and Alexanda Kotey, two members of the unholy war execution squad which specialized in cutting off the heads of aid workers and journalists.

These two murderous savages were captured in Iraq in 2018 and a massive legal battle ensued. Should the two Beatles ("Beatles" -- they were from England)  be sent to America for trial and sentencing or segue to the UK, where sensitivity training and rainbow pony therapy sessions would rehabilitate the psychotic, deranged, and possibly possessed by Satan Moslems.

The argument, from UK rainbow leftist lawyers was this. If the head chopper Beatles get extradited to the US they'll get the death penalty. OMG, how inhumane. How could anyone be so barbaric and cruel as to execute people who sawed the heads off of aid workers? You know, with their knives.

So, in a bizarre fit of caritas, the US DOJ promised it wouldn't execute the Beatles. No Helter Skelter for them, just SuperMax hi-jinx for the rest of their lives. Or worse, maybe the merry Butlins that is Gitmo.

I know, the Gospel demands charity. And in this instance I'd argue execution's the better course. Feel free to disagree, there's no rule. But in the reflection, how did the Beatles become so evil, was it innate or learned? 

My call is that people are tempted by Satan and run with it, with bestial, murderous result.

Strawberry fields forever,


Friday, March 6, 2020

This is Crazy

A call, urgent, "This is crazy. They're buying all the toilet paper, you would say 'loo roll' or 'Andrex' but it's the same, and the shelves are empty. Send money. They're goddam tasering people."

"Hey, use backyard snow, it's safer. Who knows where that stuff was even made. Stand by for transfer."

All Means All

Thirty minutes later, cold, hard cash was on its way to loo roll stricken Calgary via ones and zeros, Walmart to World digital. Business over, I checked out the store. 

A Doomed Fool is Saved. By a Hero?

Plenty of bathroom tissue on the shelves, and I bought some, now there's less. But what about rice? Lots left, boil it first. 

Plenty of Loo Roll, in Texas

Over at the Pick 'n Steal the radio was on and playing a warning, "Wash your hands, we have this well contained. Do not panic." Maria was rattled, nervous, "I'm trying to sell these things and listen to, you know, this. They're shutting down schools and everything."

You Can Indict a Ham Sandwich

Maybe we should've shut the border with Communist, Godless China long ago. Maybe we should never have opened that border in the first place, and allowed the Bolsheviks to stew and ferment in their own version of hell masquerading as heaven. But no, smart people had to make money.

As ye reap, friends, so shall ye sow. Hope you're all prepped up and ready to bug-in before the shelves empty.



Saturday, October 26, 2019

Witches Cast Halloween Hex On Trump

Perhaps you missed it but thousands of witches from across America cast a spell on President Trump last night. Yes, a special "binding spell" to stop 45 from harming the country, along with all those who "abet him." 

Here's an excerpt from the occult ritual, which includes a feather, a candle and an unflattering picture of the Commander-in-Chief:

Hear me, oh spirits of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, Heavenly hosts, Demons of the infernal realms and spirits of the ancestors

Michael Hughes, the magician and anti-Trump activist who invented the spell believes it's working. According to the Washington Examiner, Hughes stated, "I'm willing to go on record and say it's working." Working?

Of course, in the Star Chamber impeachment witch hunt. But bearing in mind karmic lashback, what about Durham? No, not the overvalued, hi-price UK university. And ponder this.

Imagine, just for a moment, that you've been praying, ha-ha, to spirits you don't believe in. Like spirits of the dead and demons of the infernal realm. And then, oh dear, they appear.

Hey, it's all a larf 'til you wake up and one of them's gnawing on your thigh bone or your buddy's shin.

All means all,


Saturday, April 13, 2019

All Means All

Here we are, on the very cusp of Holy Week, so big thanks goes out to the Minneapolis Desk for  sending in this helpful infographic.

All the world's welcome, except St. Paul, Jesus, and everyone else who's had the backwards, flyover country temerity to think that marriage is somehow confined to men and women.

All means ALL, peasants, so get with the program and hurry up with turning yourselves into sexless drones of the NWO hivemind. 

Think, once the patriarchal oppression of gender's removed you'll be free, at last, to do the will of your bi-coastal elite rulers. Wesley's doubtless turning in his grave.

So to cheer you up, here's this, sent in by our bureau chief in Wales:

You can sign up for a one day course on axe making here. What you do with the axe afterwards is entirely up to you.

Have a beautiful and blessed Palm Sunday.

Your Friend,


Monday, January 14, 2019

Anglican Center in Rome Gets a Genius

Did you know that there's an Anglican Centre in Rome? Well there is, and it's all about promoting Christian unity, not least between Canterbury and the Holy See. The Centre says as much on its website

The Anglican Centre in Rome is the permanent Anglican Communion presence in Rome. It is a living symbol of our Communion's commitment to the full visible unity of the Church.


Sounds good, right? All very ut unum sint, which is doubtless why this venerable outpost of Anglican ecumenism has appointed a new director who does believe in gay marriage but doesn't believe in the bodily resurrection, the Very Rev. Dr. John Shepherd.

Shepherd, who served as Dean of Perth Cathedral, is married to a woman and was famous for supporting gay marriage. You can read his line of reasoning here and if you do, note the privileged clergyperson enlisting the aid of St. Paul. It's a clever trick, St. Paul was really in favor of same sex marriage because he was so against it. Whatever, John.

Walk Into The Light!

But that was then, this is now and Shepherd's famous again for denying the bodily resurrection of Christ. So much for the Apostle, the Gospels, the Church Fathers, and every Christian worth the name from the beginning up until now. And that's just it.

How can someone like Shepherd even say they're a Christian while denying the resurrection? To quote Shepherd's favorite Apostle, "your faith is in vain." So too, we have to imagine, is the Anglican Centre's claim to be a "living symbol" of "the full visible unity of the Church."

A Typical Mantid

The problem here is that Christians, even Pope Francis, believe in the resurrection. The Anglican Communion's representative in Rome doesn't. Unity, obviously, isn't in it. I'll leave you with Kirk, via Ignatius:

Quite simply there is no firm or fixed ground on which such discussions can be based. What price agreement on the real presence in the Eucharist, for example, when the bodily resurrection itself is in question? Agreement on the former whilst the latter remained an open question would quite simply be absurd. Of course, one cannot know for certain how many Anglican clergy, like the Very Rev’d John Shepherd, deny the resurrection. But one can be assured that unbelief is no impediment to preferment. And be pretty well certain that its incidence increases up the hierarchy.

And be pretty well certain that its incidence increases up the hierarchy. Exactly. 

All Means All, Justsin

Rumours that Lambeth Palace is controlled by Heisenberg Principle beings from another dimension are entirely that, rumours.

All means all,


Thursday, September 21, 2017

LGBT Rules?

A well known equality activist sent us this infographic, and here at the Compound we feel it's only right to share it.

All the colors of the rainbow,


Friday, July 27, 2012

Episcopal Church Transtastic!

All means All
The Episcopal Church is declining at a rapid rate, but perhaps their new slogan "All Means All!" will reverse this disturbing trend.

You be the judge.