Friday, December 8, 2017

Planned Parenthood's Circle Of Hell

Do you remember Planned Parenthood, America's wealthier-than-the-Rolling-Stones abortion mill, with a revenue of $1.3 billion? You know, the same non-profit that's subsidized some $500 million a year by the taxpayer. 

Sure you do, but perhaps you've forgotten millionaire socialist Cecile Richards, net worth $4 million, who runs Planned Parenthood. She earns $520,000 because she's in charge of a women's health charity. Nice money if you can make it. 

How much of this money comes from the sale of baby parts? Don't act all shocked, everyone knows that Cecile's operation adds to the charitable bottom line by selling bits of babies to the highest bidder. After all, charity doesn't come cheap.

But at what price? Maybe the DOJ will discover the temporal value of Cecile's infant body parts vending. Good luck, and what about the eternal value? About the eternal quality of a soul that says killing babies and selling them equates to health.

I'll hazard the circle of that particular Hell is very deep and cold indeed. Good luck, MillSoc Cecile.

Out Demons Out,



LL said...

Hillary's consumption of unborn baby parts was supposed to speed her election to the presidency. But Baal screwed her...maybe literally because nobody else would.

Fredd said...

That damn Baal; he'll associate with ANYBODY. Including Cecille Richards.