Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Boxing Day MAGA

Have you noticed how much better Christmas was this year, as though a cloud of MillSoc (Millionaire Socialist) oppression had lifted from the land? We certainly did here in the Metrosprawl; no complaints.

The kids, who won't be kids much longer, woke up to stockings that included micro drones and almost fell over themselves with excitement. Thanks, LL, for the inspiration. Then we drove to Dallas to celebrate with the rest of the family.

I got a MAGA ornament to go with the PSG (Presidiential Snow Globe), which was pretty uplifting and some neat unicorn paraphernalia. Be magical, it tells us. Hard not too with America's popular and glamorous First Lady in the White House. Seriously, think of the alternative.

Nasty, right?  Unlike the neat boxing robots I got the kids. Perhaps you remember them from the '70s, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em; who knew these fighting 'bots were still being made. Perhaps they weren't and now they are, thanks to tax reform and putting America first.


With that in mind, all the best for the Feast of St. Stephen and as always, MAGA.

Happy Boxing Day,



Adrienne said...

Happy Boxing Day, LSP.


LL said...

The unicorn trophies can be mounted on the wall at the officer's mess in the compound, but the Melania ornament needs to be carefully wrapped and put away for next year's celebration of making America great again/Christmas.

My brother and I had Rock-em/Sock-em Robots back about (mumbles) years ago. Yes, we received them at Christmas too. Fun times. And it's those fun times and special memories that make Christmas extra special.

I hope you had unicorn steaks for the Feast of Stephen.

Fredd said...

Fact Checker Fredd here, Pastor: I was a young boy of around 8 or 9 years old when Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots first came out, maybe 1963 or so. I wanted one badly, never got one. Your estimate above of the 1970's would have had these toys out still, however they would have been around for a decade or so and quite passe by then.

LSP said...

And to you, Adrienne!

LSP said...

Not to worry, LL. The ornament will be well looked after and for sure, the unicorn steaks were delicious!

It seems the fighting 'bots have longevity. I didn't know they were still being made. Neat.

LSP said...

Thanks for the fact check, Fredd. I remember the 'bots from around '69/'70 and assumed that was their era, but it seems they're a lot older than that.

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

P@triot said...

After losing what should have been a pretty winnable election, it would make sense for Hillary Clinton to sit down with her team and assess what happened and why they lost. It would be useful information for anybody that wants to challenge Trump in 2020. However, that kind of self-reflection would be grounds for accepting responsibility for something and Hillary Clinton does not do that.

Instead, Hillary chose to blame James Comey. In revealing what is either a stunning lack of self-awareness or just her innate penchant for blaming others for her troubles, she decided to attempt to make the case to donors the reason she lost states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio was due to letters sent by FBI Director James Comey to members of Congress about her emails.

LSP said...

Excellent point, Ms. P but, but what about the RUSSIANS!?!

Picture Hillary's drunken rage on the night of the election, when she had to be sedated. Not much room for reflection when you're busy clawing at the hapless Mook and hurling bottles of Moet at the hotel flatscreen.

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