Friday, December 8, 2017

Good Morning Texas, Walk The Dog

The Compound's first morning evolution runs like a well oiled machine. Stand to by first light, wake Sleeping Beauty, feed dog, drive Sleeping Beauty to hallowed halls of rural academe, say Morning Prayer, walk dog to the Pick 'n Steal and back. As you can see, this operation may be irregular but its not slack.

Neither was Blue Scout as he went on his morning constitutional in today's weirdly cold Texan air. Why so cold? Because anthropocentric global warming has caused temperatures to drop; it's colder now because it's warmer, unless you pay a weather tax, obviously. Regardless, the dog moved along briskly in the crisp, chill air. Then I noticed his shadow.

There it was, walking alongside him, a shadow; the shadow of his inner self, a wolf! That's right, Blue Scout is, in fact, a wolf, a shadow wolf. 

With that in mind, a lesser dog sensibly stayed well clear of my beast's avenging fangs. We walked on, unopposed.

The First Baptist sign got a good seeing to though, and the Methodists were singled out for special treatment. I'm not sure why. 

Then back to base, where the local PD were taking down a nearby drug dealer who goes by Chucho (dog). I had a pleasant conversation with a couple of the officers and compared notes. We have a common interest in getting the local bad actors off the streets.


Speaking of bad actors, I returned from the intelligence briefing only to discover that Blue 5th Column had stolen all the butter off the kitchen counter. Good thing it wasn't steak.

Your Friend,



LL said...

The spirit of the wolf is strong with Blue Avenger, who has a titanium stomach capable of turning a pound of butter into a pound of fat. The same is true of burgers, steaks and fried cherry pies. He's also capable of burying fangs into FedEx delivery people, postal people and others who his DNA has set him against.

There are a few low life types in Hillsboro and they like hanging at the Stop n Rob. I've seen it with my own eyes while on recon with the DLC (dismounted).

Adrienne said...

I'd keep your eye on Blue Butterball. All that fat is very bad for doggies. It can lead to pancreatitis. Hopefully, it will manifest in just some loose stools.

What's he got against Methodists?

He always knew he was a wolf - now we know too.

LindaG said...

Hope Blue Avenger is okay after all the butter! Maybe he wanted pancakes and waffles with it?
Be safe and stay warm! God bless.

LSP said...

I have to agree, LL, the wolf looms large in him, which isn't surprising because he's a Battle Dog. We know this because we've seen him go into action against Fried Pies, for example, especially the cherry ones. He also loves to sink his fangs into FedEx, like a wolf.

And yes, there are some undesirables. We're working together to get rid of that unhelpful aspect. I won't comment on the demographic, that'd be profiling.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I don't know why he's so against the Methodists, perhaps because they have a lesbyterian minister?

Hopefully the butter won't cause problems this evening. We live and hope.

LSP said...

He would have LOVED pancakes and waffles, Linda. He was thwarted, by the grace of God.

Weirdly chilly here. Thanks a lot, "Al" Gore.

Brig said...

Thank you and Blue Warrior for keeping the streets safe.
He knows more about the goings on with the Methodists then the average person, it seems.
That breed has a tendency to put on too much weight. Maybe some will slide off of him with the butter...

Blessed be.

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